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Found 3 results

  1. Heeelllllo there, lovely HoN community. I have encountered a HUGE problem. ALL of a sudden my game started freezing every time i use a spell with the AOE outline on it. The bigger AOE zone the bigger lag goes. Usually it takes about 4-10 second to unlag. The lag goes smaller if i keep using the skill or just spam and cancel it. Another thing that makes it freeze is putting something out of the inventory or changing item slots. Only laggs if i switch slots in the small ward backpack. Sometimes it'll freeze forever and i'll have to restart the game. Makes me furious. Fixes I've tried:
  2. Hi, I apologize for my English. I use a translator. I’m constantly dropping FPS and it becomes uncomfortable to play, usually from a lot of effects or a displace the camera, I have pretty powerful hardware and a good Internet connection, I have no such problems IN ANY ONE game, only EU are exposed when searching HELP PLS? PC: RYZEN 3600 16GB RAM 3600MHZ CL 15 RX 5700
  3. Why is every server for me and others now 350+ all of a sudden apart from Australia, few days ago I was getting 250 on EU. Usually USW is 270 for me and use 350, now they're all 350+ some 400. https://imgur.com/a/Q2iWshl
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