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Found 4 results

  1. Purpose: Alternative option for both Runed cleaver and Symbol of Rage Components: Loggers Hatchet [225] + Helm of the Dominator [1800] + warhammer [1600] + recipe [1000] Total Cost: 4625 thoughts Hatchet as a build up item, helm as a cost effective again build up item, warhammer costly yet effective damage increase, high recipe meaning you must farm for awhile to acquire this new farm enhancing item. Stats: +45 damage +6 armor +5 HP regeneration +22% life steal +30 damage against non enemy hero units ____ First Form [Ranged Heroes Only] Active: Skill Shot
  2. Hello all, Forgive me if this is an option that can be turned on, but if it is not: Let the shop open back up to whatever you were looking at when you closed it. Also, for bonus points: Allow clicking an item while shop is open to see that item in shop (and everything it builds into) -maybe only non-activatables or items that are on cooldown This will make it much easier for new or returning players. Thanks
  3. I'd like to suggest a few changes on the following items. I think they are either currently underwhelming or a bit too strong in comparison to their other counterparts, for example, frostburn and dawnbringer are too weak compared to Geometers Bane and Frostwolf Skull (Mainly Geos). While I do undersand we can't buff frostburn and dawnbringer items too much (since you can still disband it, points for flexibility), I do encourage discussion over the fact that all the other items (Geo, FWS and Grimoire) have an active ability. I'll give you a brief description of what the items currently do and w
  4. 1.) Spiked Bola - Upon disarming the enemy for 2.5s, pushes you and the target away from each other. Gains 3 swift attacks with 300% attack speed for the duration. The reason is to promote the item which lacks in usage. Moreover, the enemy being targeted by Spiked Bola must be pushed back and properly distanced, eh? 2.) Spellshards - Toggle to change the bonus spell damage to heroes. 10/15/20%. Make the item a tier 1 item because of this with the cost of not more than 5000 gold. 3.) Wind Whistle - Can now be consumed every 30 mins passed. Can only be consumed TWICE. This will give so
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