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Found 11 results

  1. ~ ** UPDATE ** We have extended the due date to September 2nd (9/2/2020) - this is an ADDITIONAL 2 months to work on your pieces. We have also changed the prize pool to 10,000 gold PER artwork that meets "loading screen" selection. Max 2 submissions. ~ In celebration of our elite artists, you finally have an entire thread dedicated to you. We encourage people to post their HoN Masterpieces. They can be drawn in celebration of this thread, or previous artworks you have made. They MUST be original, and they MUST be your own. You WILL be asked to present proof,
  2. This is the main discussion thread for entries related to HoNiversary. Consider this the "General Discussion" area. Please note: Standard Forum rules apply. To reference a thread and/or post, simply right-click the post link and hit "copy link address button" and paste it into a reply here. The forum will automagically create a preview for the content.
  3. ~ **UPDATE** Because this was so popular, we have decided to split this into TWO rounds. If you win the first round you CANNOT submit the same piece in Round 2. WINNERS: 1st Place: yornuz (600 Gold coins + RXR9 Scout)2nd Place: RaiizenN (550 Gold coins + Continental Scout)3rd Place: DoctorNik (500 Gold coins + Scoutzo The Clown) I'm not going to lie - some of these pieces were AMAZING. Thank you! Round 2 begins Monday! ~ In celebration of those who are terrible artists talented with Paint, we have made a competition just for you! Over the next
  4. Welcome to our Dream Meme Template competition. In this thread you will submit a Meme Template. The next competition, in one week time, the top 3 winning meme templates will be used to create a meme competition. ** NOTE YOU ARE NOT MAKING A MEME THIS TIME - THAT BEGINS NEXT WEEK ** UPDATE: Congratulations to the following: 1st Place: WhyZoZerious (2000 GC) 2nd Place: Cuysaurus (1500 GC) 3rd Place: MacroHard (1000 GC) The second Dream Meme will begin Monday! This will involve using the TEMPLATE the winners have designed and making your own unique meme.
  5. In celebration of the Nitro rework, it leaves us having to fill a tooltip void. Oh? What's a tooltip? I'm glad you asked. It's the "quip" is the grey writing, at the end of an item/ability, like so: This is your opportunity to become part of HoN's history and become immortalised with a tooltip. There are 4 abilities, they are below (open spoiler): Rules Submission must be original. Please use the Spoiler tag and post a link to the picture within the spoiler to keep the forums neat. Please make sure all entries for abilities are in ONE po
  6. In celebration of you, the player, we would like you to share your story: Did you meet your lover and wife on HoN? (Hello MacroHard) Did you meet your groomsmen playing HoN? (Hello `Nick_) Was HoN your rock, your island when the world was falling apart? (Hello Me) Is your clan on a another level to you? (Shout-out to SeSp) Nostalgia (GM grind crew 2012, baby!) This is your time to shine! If it's a long story, I ask you to please put it in Spoiler tags to keep forum formatting nice and clean. Rules Please keep to the forum rules. Do not post anything
  7. In celebration of avatar sets in HoN, we are having our first Dream Team competition. Simply pick 5 heroes with Avatars in the same set and win a matchmaking game with the complete set! Eligible submissions MUST include a Match ID, the Avatar Set name and for fun, how many attempts it took to win with it! An example is my personal favourite, Punk set (pictured above). Note: If you're having trouble finding avatars to sets, go to HoN Store > Alt Avatars and click on the corresponding set icon: Rules: This competition is open to any matchmaking game variant
  8. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - 9 June 2020 == HoNiversary == NAEU/International Client only changes: due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the following changes have taken place for our HoNiversary events: - HoNiversary Sublime Name Colour: if you have legitimately purchased a $50 or $100 Gold Coin package during the event period (June 2 to July 2, 2020), please contact Customer Support with proof of purchase & they will handle your request. - Daily login rewards: disabled due to an infinite exploit. - Silver Coins for playing
  9. Congratulations 10 years. That's a long time. A really long time. Congratulations to everyone on reaching this milestone; the staff, the players, the lovers and the haters. Please check the other threads in this sub-forum for exciting activities to get involved in during this celebratory time of HoN. There are PLENTY of giveaways. From EVERYONE at Frostburn Studios, Thank you. This is a celebration for the players, for the staff members and for you. Don't forget to claim your HoNiversary stuff and find out what's happening in-game over at:
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