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Found 8 results

  1. Due to various flaws i see in the hero: low skill floor and ceiling, lack of meaningful player input, frustration factors, inadequate mechanics that fail to realize the hero's theme and fantasy, i'd like to propose some changes. Q: Silencing Shot: Is now a skill shot, shoots an arrow that deals damage and silences the first enemy hero hit. Cooldown reduced to 8s, projectile range increased to 1000, cast range remains 700, silence duration rescaled to 1.5/2.25/3/3.75s, other numbers stay the same, or rebalanced. Can target enemy hero to dual target them, similar to Witch Slay
  2. Dude's terrible, all over the place, and quite clunky to use. Mainly because his ult is simultaneously too good and terrible. He's forced to hold back from using his spells casually due to the prospect of missing out on everything when his ult is off cooldown but his other spells are not. So i'm trying to remedy this, with some extra fixes with some problems i have with the hero. Proposing changes: Q: Debilitate: Damage reduced to 80/120/160/200. Cooldown increased to 12s. Debilitate effect increases damage taken rescaled to 6/9/12/15%, its duration increased to 6s. Leave
  3. Rage_100


    I'm telling you that the entire list of her abilities is imbalanced, and in combination makes the hero universal against any opponent. do you want me to suggest changes? then what's the point in removing the topic to the archive, where I cannot write them, as a result of which we reproduce the same topics link to the previous topic: Option 1 (Jack of all trades), with 2 options for staff (this option supports your current setup) Q WEBBED SHOT reduce attack speed slow from 10/20/30/40 to 10/15/20/25 R SPIDER STING Change cooldown from 70/50/30 to 60/50/40 Reduce attack speed s
  4. Rage_100


    Q Who is arachne? What role does it play? Why is she a jack of all trades? So that you do not go into the description of the hero, I threw it for you from your own official website Q WEBBED SHOT RANGE: 575 | MANA COST: 20 Target an enemy to enhance an attack against them, inflicting Webbed Shot for 2 seconds. Webbed Shot applies -10 / 20 / 30 / 40% Movement Speed, -10 / 20 / 30 / 40 Attack Speed, and deals 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 Magic Damage per second. Right click to auto-cast. W HARDEN CARAPACE MANA COST: 50 Activate to Dispel debuffs on self and gain 10 /
  5. Solstice has been a very popular hero for a while. Very well balanced and very fun to play(basically best designed hero ever). But since the latest jungle buff, the one bad thing about this hero has come to a spotlight: It's strengh gain per level. It's currently at +3.2str per level and it's a problem While it's not the highest on the game, it's the only one that has the potential of getting quick levels in the jungle (keeper of the forest also falls on this category, but it's not so popular and I don't feel it's an issue right now. I'd suggest a small change to +2.8/lvl or somethin
  6. My direction for Zephyr would be: - Nerfing his flash farming available from the start archetype. His stat and gain is abysmally low to compensate for his jungle farming permanent damage + constant healing from creeping. - I want to curb the differences between highs and lows in 2 spectrums with extreme gaps of Zephyr that are: 1. Cyclones critical mass and 2. Farming advantage. - If i want to nerf his farming advantage and his critical mass of cyclones, i have to introduce a new mechanic to the hero because outside of being bloated by those 2 high ends, his Typhoon has too hi
  7. The perceived problem with RNG-based ability in general is that they are fine when taken as a whole, but any individual occurence gives a binary results : it either happened or it didn't. With Legionnaire's spin, Chronos' bash, basher, and similar effect that procs on attacks, it's generally fine. You do enough attacks in a game that even if you were "unlucky" for a certain string of events, when looking at the game as a whole, the sheer amount of attack will make it that you'll be close to the expected rate for the ability and generally people will feel that they met their expectetions.
  8. Can we adress the fact that Drunken Master has a passive ulti that deals more physical damage ultimate than deadwood? I'm openning the discussion to this because I think that, even though the win rate doesn't really show that, this hero is overpowered right now. Countless times I've beaten mid really hard and then, suddenly, when the enemy drunken gets level 6, he is able to solo me, even if I'm a tank. I think that when you're forced to buy void against a hero with no items, that hero should be, at least, addressed. My suggestions for changes on the ultimate: 1. Incre
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