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  1. Heyo! General I always felt that Grave was lacking some form of better lategame performance or utility since with time he gets quite restricted in gamestyle. I tried to figure out a boost which does not benefit him too much in a sense of making him overpowered but still add a new form of playstile for GK. So the SotM can be an option in certain situation or if you have a spare Legacy, but he doesn't have to be boosted necessarily. So my suggestion is to add a new way of using his ultimate in form a SotM-Ability in a more supportive way. How does this look? Curre
  2. There were a few ideas I had but I decided to settle with a "rework" that keeps both, his position aswell as his playing style as close to the initial/original iteration as possible. So people would have to only settle with some new effects instead of an entirely new hero. Let me start with his [E] Defiling Touch as that will be the core ability I based him around: Next up his [Q] Corpse Toss: Now onto the problem-child [W] Corpse Explosion which I thought could do with a small r
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