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Found 3 results

  1. Fellow Newerthians, We are currently hiring more volunteers for the position Game Master. In this thread, you will find all the vital information you will need in case you are interested. So let's get started! What does a Game Master do? Game Masters are mostly responsible to keep the community clean from all kinds of toxic behavior in game to ensure overall enjoyment of the game. You would mostly review replays of reported players that were made via the RAP (Report a player) system. Upon acceptance, you would start your trial period in which you learn all the basics that you will n
  2. at match 162230296, ChinaViruses using Racist language as nickname. and i reported them using Bad Nickname. and the feedback its Innocent. i created a new ticket to the GM(hegelsohn)! and GM(hegelsohn) only handle LatinoRetard player but ChinaViruses, because he think ChinaViruses is not a RACIST WORD and refuse to change her decision, even though I using WHO stop using nation name to name virus and President Bidden sign a order to stop using any ChinaVirus or similar word as a sample. Quote from GM(helelsohn): " Second, you can put it any country, AmericanVirus, RussianVirus etc."
  3. I really would like to be selected for a position as a GM since I have been very unfortunate to encounter too many trolls in this "my favorite game" game. Once accepted I am sure I will be able to help rid the struggling community to grow once again to the heights it once was and should be once again. One troll at a time one match at a time.
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