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Found 6 results

  1. hi element first of all i rly would thank u for all uve done for hon in last years am playing since 2011 i had only one ban back in 2015 for not joining team mates as i remember in last 2 years i dont rly play hon much as before coz of my job i play 1 or twice i week am sharing a roam with my brother hes playing hon daily and he did something am not rly sure what it is and he got ban throw the ip today is my day off when i foundout that my account and subs all are permanent banned coz of what he did he told me in the beginning that one guy knws the gm did this and
  2. Gema ilusoria: este artículo costaría 3000 elementos de apoyo de oro Función: solo se usa para aliados que están lanzando habilidades Cuando se usa este artículo, crea una ilusión que lanza la habilidad que está lanzando el ejemplo soltice usando su poder máximo de luz pura o pollywog using tongue tied. Pueden moverse libremente dejando una ilusión lanzando su habilidad recarga 30 segundos. se puede usar solo y la piedra de restauración no lo actualiza Es un elemento que ningún otro moba tiene y si no te gusta como elemento, debes agregarlo como un circe sotm una nueva habilidad
  3. finished off the Rift Beasts set unlocking the rift walker avatar but the trail of purple goop is not showing up played 4 of the hero avatars and nothing, i was told to report it here and for a fix in the next patch
  4. THEY SHOULD FIX THAT WHEN THEY QUIT and ask for rmk does not take points away from the one who left the game
  5. 1. flame totem now bounces towards 2 enemy heroes Life totem now spawns 2 2.Spirit walk now when the ability is in use reduces 35% of all damage taken. 3.The power of the elders now adds a new skill, a slow totem that reduces movement speed by 25% in an area of 700, the use range of this skill is 600
  6. Hello, As an ex SBT member, i really care about what is happening in the game. With all the respect, hear my call about this new patch, especially for the "Armor of the Mad Mage" item. I wouldn't post this if i wouldn't really care about the community. Even if i am or not right, hear my opinion. I really dont understand why there is no more dispel on activation anymore. The whole idea of that item was that it was providing the Minus Magic armor for the enemy heroes and also that ( the most important) you could DISPEL debuffs on your hero with a bonus armor that was making the it
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