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  1. Please add a new Collumn to the RAP Portals Report History that displays a tickets ID so when making an inquiry, it is easier to refer to the ticket so a SGM will have all the required information regarding said report at hand right away, including timestamps and what not. Keep up your good work
  2. It has been a bad day at work and I try to play a calm game, but I get players who are bad and they die intentionally. This caused a lot of anger in me which apart from a bad day and players who do silly things, I have put that in the chat. I ask for your forgiveness with all my heart and I know that you will understand that sometimes one is explosive for bad days. Please I think the suspension would take 3 months to mute but not to not be able to play. I've been playing HoN since the BETA came out and when it was paid. Sorry for that action. I know they understand me when one has a bad day an
  3. Is there a character limit in RAP tickets? I have tried to submit several different detailed tickets now and had the ticket just not work. Seems like I'm having an issue with my browser as I was just not able to submit a ticket at all but when I switched browsers I was able to.
  4. I was supposed to be unbanned 2021-01-10 17:00:52, it's 19:14 here? U have not posted a Timezone that applies to the ban?
  5. Hello, guys... Hope you had a loved Xmas and a happy Newyear Im having a problem....i should to be able to play HoN today, after my 6 months susspension....but when i try to loging i cant because the message says that im still suspended... Rightnow i have a MUTE TYPE suspension, but i should be able to play but not to talk or type... So please could you help me?
  6. Can someone explain to me is it really fair to get AFK suspension because you went afk from minute 51:00 to minute 54 : 00 ? On a game that lasted exactly 54mins ? On a game where you dominated 51minutes straight while one or more teammates are essentially useless? Match ID : <REDACTED> ( of my AFK suspension ) . In this particular game , my bot lane ( arachna and goldenveil were spamming CC and they had 28 deaths total in around 50min mark game ( and they were spamming CC vote ) . They didn't pause - which is indication that you do not care for that particular game - Having MOST kills
  7. Hello dear HoN-GMs! My account got suspended, but I can't see why. Normally I get a Match ID together with a Decision ID and an explanation - this time it just says that my account got suspended. Could you tell me why and which game was the reason? Thank you. I tried filing an inquiry at the RAP page - but that didn't work: When I click on "create ticket" nothing happens (only a small red field appears in the top) and my helpdesk is still empty.
  8. **** kept talking trash and telling me to kill myself the whole game. Can he get suspended please? Thank you
  9. Is there any way to find out what i did to get my accounts suspended? It is my first time using the RAP forums. I tried to log in to the HON RAP website but it doesn't show me having a ticket open or the thing that shows you what you did or how long the ban is. I'm just curious to what I did cause I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I never grief in game, I try my absolute best to never insult and call people bad names. I don't think I did either so I don't understand why I would be banned. Is it possible that my room mate who uses my computer did something on his account and then we got i
  10. my address has been blocked, I already spoke to the Rap of Hon, I was told that I could play after 5 days, but I already pass more than the indicated time, I already complied with the sanction, I hope and they can let me return to the game
  11. Can I get a list of banned words from HoN since i've been banned for saying: [00:29:38][Hellbourne][Flol]andrew7861 (Ophelia)> bro you tpd top like fags So please can we make a list of all the things you can and can't say. I've reported people who have said so many wrong things and never got banned even with a report so I want to know what am I aloud to say. Also you should rethink the whole RAP system since the game in question I've been trolled the whole game and I'm the one getting banned in the end.
  12. Hello. I have accidentally accepted a clan invite and thus have attempted to leave said clan multiple times. Instead of leaving I am met with this message (^279* Failed to leave the clan.) I am in need of assistance please. Thank you. I would insert the image to show my issue but the url is not available for this format. Heres a link instead. https://imgur.com/gallery/cZfb1ZP
  13. So I played against a guy who had 3 accounts. He sat 2 of them jungle to farm and as soon as they farmed mock and 1 more item they gave it to the third one and dc'd. This 3rd player made a huge deal of the items he had as the remaining 2 teammates picked considering this dc strat and played around this fed hero. It was a close game and I won't say I didn't have fun, but it seemed wrong. I understand this strat is probably useless in higher tiers, but I was pretty sure it could be reported under Feeding/Stat Manipulation for Silver matchmaking as some heroes are just that much better with
  14. Spend 10 years playing this game...spent over 10k on this game and even recently donated... gets suspended 900 months and my grand children will hardly be in time to play on my accounts in 2095 when I am un suspended...
  15. Hi! Long time player here. I wanted to throw a few questions out in the open. I just had a game where no one but me spoke during the picking phase. That happens fairly often and I don't judge a game in advance from that. We get into the game and out green player would say something in the lines of "go bot brownie" "look at your color that means do as I say" etc. I get frustrated and feel like I've read that book before. I hope that they figure something out, which they don't, so we don't have a trilane top and a solo long lane player, who isn't equipped to play solo long. Well... Things don
  16. If a team has basically won a game but they decide to CC for fun or whatever reason. Could they be reported by the other team for intentionally trying to lose, griefing or maybe stat manipulation? Is such behaviour punishable even though both teams left the game happy, presumably.
  17. 10 years playing this game, since the beta, i never switched to other games like lol or other mobas simply because i love hon but every single game i play a lot of ppl just being afk or deliberate afk farming jungle, also blaming and they say a lot of things, i really dont care about reports, im only report the rEALLY abusive players, then im banned and i report A LOT OF PPL (playing a lot of games) and nobody gets a fucking ban, instead, you ban me for say X things, good job guys. You can check all my reports here, nobody is banned, only me, thats hon. https://ibb.co/V
  18. this is probably somewhere but... if I suspect someone is using zoom-out mod (which counts as cheating?), how do I report this and what is the punishment?
  19. Like come on. This dude has probably been saying all this garbage to other player for the last 6 months when his account was created.
  20. I can't log into any my accounts. i don't know the reasons and it doesn't appear on rap menu. I need help. I'm going to die with no hon in my life please :c
  21. So, The most annoying thing there is with Heroes of newerth is when you get that troll kid which demands a lane even though it has already been called. Well, actually, the most ANNOYING part of the game is when you play that game in pure anger, you report this person and you wanna look for a new fresh game and try to forget about this 40 minutes you just wasted on someone who wasnt raised right and you get the same player on your queue again. I rather wait 10-15 minutes to find a game then to actually get the same player on my team again. Please implement s
  22. I filed a report but no action was taken. At exactly minute 9 gametime he started running me into enemy team tower while I was disconnected. When I logged back in, I was 0-6 .. How is this behaviour not punishable?
  23. I suggest introducing new fines for certain violations. I don’t support violators and try not to violate it myself, but sometimes I violate it non-specifically I hope you understand and do better for everyone introduce punishment to play public games and be sure to win to clear the penalty; say 10 games you need to win so that you can play in the rating again there is no need to completely block the account, since the user does not have the opportunity to buy items or things in the store. those who violate on purpose they will violate it regardless of the punishment
  24. Hello, My account was banned on account of chat abuse. I didn't start it. The person abused me for no reason because I went top lane. What was I suppose to do? Bend over and take it? Please check chat log and award him the ban as well. Chat abuse should not be tolerated from either parties. Just because he reported it doesn't mean he is exempt from the rules. I didn't start it. I was only retaliating.
  25. I've seen this happen a few times where you have a player that enters the game then disconnects within the first few seconds of the picking stage. Then you'll remake the game and find that same account doing the exact same thing the next game, so you have to remake it again. There's no way to report the person and it doesn't count as a disconnected game so they can keep doing it. I'm thinking someone made a bot to do this and it's not even a person, very annoying.
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