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Found 2 results

  1. So with Saji magmus alt. I found 2 bugs. 1-This one was quite obvious and easy to replicate. Whenever Saji avatar has staff of the master, the ulti sound disappears. If you drop it mid ulti it disappears . If you pick it mid ulti it comes again. Replicated it a million times and always the same results. 2- Probably animation bug or maybe related to the above. When staff of the master is equipped, the ulti does increase in damage and pulses BUT the last pulses/animation of ulti, do not show. i.e the ulti is still damaging and pulses are going off but no animations and
  2. There are a total of 51 debut edition avatars from which 12 (Xemplar, sapphire, circe, tarot, prisoner 945, rally, riftwalker, berzerker, gravekeeper, monarch, master of arms and blitz) are NOT purchasable/available. I think these should also be purchasable or redeemable via tickets. (please make rally warlord redeemable atleast) Also is there a specific reason these 12 are not available?
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