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  1. When do you guys spect to have up and running servers?
  2. Same on US servers, not working at all.
  3. I could agree with you, but knowing the type of community that we have, I do seriously dbout that could work.
  4. frenlyn


    Play your games mate, get out of the silver pit, if you are on silver, even with the season restart you will pretty much be on the same silver league.
  5. Im having problems too... I cant even launch the game, Im downloading the game to reinstall it atm, ill try and edit this post if it works. Edit: All good after reinstall the game.
  6. Hey there Manu, Thanks for your reply. Sadly I havent my receipt somehow I delete it from my email, I send them proof of my old nicknames and the migration to acceso5, but they just say that my account was created in 2014 (thing that is not correct) and that is impossible that my accout came from 2009. In the old forums I do even had my golden nickname but in game doesnt, so I dont know whats going on, or what else could I do. I think that they just doesnt care enough to help me to get it back lol. But Ill try to get em since I do really like them. Any idea is warmly welcome.
  7. Hey guys, old player here. After a few years since hon split regions with Latin America and US, I lost my Gold Nickname (Imma player since betta when I did buy my account on $25) Is anyone here who has lost their Gold Nickname after the regions merged again? I tried contact customer support with no luck, I do even keep the email that S2Games send when I joined to the beta back in 2009 (My account now says that I joined in 2014) I would like to know if anyone had that problem and if it could get back the Gold Nickname. https://ibb.co/wwgLKwS
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