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  1. In this case, it was the other "Not corroborated". My team didn't report because they consider RAP useless (and/or spoke bad English); the other team obviously didn't report because they were the ones who asked him to buy/kill our wards. While I understand why the current system exists, I'm frustrated by how brittle it is.
  2. One very simple, very easy suggestion I have: glance at the stats screen. If at the end of a 38 minute game, a player: is level 1 has a score of 0/0/0 has 10 APM then they were obviously avoiding AFK. The GM doesn't have to load the replay, or look at the griefer's blatant actions like buying and destroying all the team wards, canceling TPs with tablet, or trying (and failing) to feed the enemy team an eye with flying courier. When I asked the rest of my team to report this player as well, I was told the RAP system is a joke and doesn't work so they're not going to waste their time. I clearly see why they think that. Maybe add a check to not automatically dismiss Avoiding AFK tickets if the accused player has an abnormally low APM?
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