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  1. Thank you very much. I would further suggest that the devs consider changing the mechanics of vote concede to simple majority starting at 15 min mark and unanimous consent starting from beginning of match. Yes there may be some niche cases where that would be abused, but majority would be fair and balanced. It'd prevent erroneous suspensions and reports. Alternatively, incentivize sportsmanship or something like conceding lowers stat penalties or something.
  2. Why is it considered afk avoiding when the enemy has the entire map, 10 levels, winning by more than triple kills, all towers, and forced u in the base 100%? this is ridiculous. Furthermore, Why is it not bannable for refusing to concede in a lost match. The game used to take into account the gpm of the teams and the game state before rulings. rulings against a player when the state of the game is not just a little lost but 100% unwinnable-- is unfair.
  3. Why is vote concede unanimous consent and at 15 mins? games these days are over before 8 mins. and lets be real being forced to play a 40 min game just cause 2 players refuse to concede isn't fun. It should be simple majority. allow for unanimous consent at 8 mins, 15 for 4, and 3 after 20 mins. Cause these matches are one side, its the nature of hon. No match is like LOL where structures respawn or advantage can be lost or easily turned.
  4. Hi, There's an issue with bots and its small, they only fill up their tp slots instead of buy items. Could u please update them with a conditional statement on tp buying to see if they have 1 already. Thanks
  5. I was able to buy the ophilia pact again after i had bought it and completed quest. It too my money, and didn't give me the pact. I tested it and confirmed to lose 300 gold on it 3 times. It doesn't refund and depsite grayed out still took the money.
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