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  1. no don't consider Gold 1 as low. because of the many new accounts and smurfers and subs. Gold1 is like 1680 thats just well above average, or used to be in the old times. I dont consider that low. Silver and below is considered "low". personally to me
  2. in high level games (as of today), there are games turned around within an instance when it seems completely GG. But those are good players. I've been held hostage like 600 times by people when it is 100 % sure the game is over, considering knowing what people you are facing and what kind of team you have. And if you go afk you get reported for Refusing to participate xD I only give up when its certain. HoN community ah, I'll stop it right there and not go over this stuff again. All I can say is, the supports in high level games are 1500 supports xDD I see it. Most players, most good players h
  3. This game was my life since the first game in 2011, I know that sounds sad, but had a lot of fun. Until major things changed, Dota2 came around, then CoN mode well blabla. I'm not going to get back on all that. It is what it is. I appreciate they are still working on this game. Forever in my heart
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