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  1. Read two comments above.
  2. He never mentioned any such thing anywhere in his post so why would you assume this is what he meant? Read the post. Literally says "computer clock to match with computer timezone" and nothing about Frostburn/HoN clock/timezone.
  3. You need your timezone on your computer to match with your clock on your computer. If you go into Date/Time settings on your pc, there will probably (most likely) be a "Sync/Sync now" option, click this and it should be fine.
  4. tbslul

    Item drop bug

    Match ID: 159113542 Timestamp: 20:50-21:00 Map: FoC I played a normal matchmaking game on my sub-account, where Amun-Ra from the enemy team disconnected and Andromeda (Enemy team) picked up his Helm of the Black Legion and dropped the item on the ground (Intentionally for Swiftblade in the enemy team). I was able to see it and pick it up and use it as if it was my own. Edit: I was informed that it's working as supposed to. However I can't delete the post, so I'll leave it to you.
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