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  1. Because here is the section "The place for all suggestions concerning heroes, items, maps, gameplay, visuals, etc" and I would like the idea with TAG to work correctly
  2. Hello. I suppose that the distinctive feature and uniqueness of this avatar was that after killing an enemy hero, the avatar uses TAG on the ground with the inscription "FRESH KING" As everyone has known for a long time, a more advanced collection of Punk Set avatars with similar themes has appeared. In which, after killing an enemy hero, the avatar leaves its unique mark on the earth. with a similar TAG effect. It’s unfortunate that this TAG for the DMonkey King avatar lasts only about 10 seconds. While the Punk Set avatars have this effect lasts much longer. In this TDMonkey King is inferior to the Punk Set. Although in fact the idea is the same! I believe that this is unfair to the TDMonkey King avatar. It has too little time to display TAGs on the ground. It would be much better and fairer if the TDMonkey King's TAG time corresponded to the time the TAG avatars disappeared from the Punk Set. I suggest leveling the Tag display time for the Monkey King avatar like Punk avatars. Thank you
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