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  1. Chipper. Tell me another SOTM that takes a hero from garbage tier and puts them firmly in usable tier.
  2. No, I know precisely what I've just suggested. Dropping all of your items, besides SOTM, in a game where "All your items, besides SOTM" is significant, then getting a 2-second ult off against a single target is non-trivial. If you do, you are rewarded heavily, as I think it'd be fair to do so. If you fail, you are dead. Likely, even if you succeed, you are probably dead. Comes with the terrain when you drop all your items and then reveal yourself for 2s in a game with stuns and nukes. I don't necessarily see how this would be so atrocious in FoC, all things considered. Maybe I'm not c
  3. Look, I understand your position, but I think that's mistaken. Nothing is stopping someone being ulted by Circe by dropping their gear and gimping Circe the same way a Circe could gimp this player in the way you are describing it. Drop your two best items, pick them up once the ult channel ends, bing. Seems to me like a design quirk of the skill and not really something unique to the SOTM effect for me. Circe's skillset is hardly item dependent, so if there's any hero I'm okay having no items with, it's her. Circe (and Circe's team) can coordinate CC and effects to stop this, but ergo, so c
  4. King Klout: Goblin Toss - Amazing Flying Goblins - Reduces the spawn rate by 2 seconds (to 6 seconds) and removes Blue goblins (can only spawn as Red) Circe: Twisted Visage - Mirror, Mirror - Choose between normal version of ult or SOTM version during channel time - Once the channel completes, the target hero becomes a copy of Circe instead of Circe becoming a copy of that hero if the SOTM effect is chosen. Riptide: In My Element - Master of Waves - Invisible on water when not moving or attacking - Can have up to 3 permanent puddles, instead of one - Enemies in the puddle
  5. 0 gold wards Look, I get the premise. Here's the problem: Wards are already effectively costless now. They cost quite a bit upfront, sure, but in the long run, it's maybe 20 GPM in terms of effective cost to the support that they would have otherwise. This is a cost that even a heavily suffering character should be able to manage in every game. The real cost to warding will always be the time spent getting to the warding spot to ward it. In the occasion where a player has time to ward, is in the location to ward where they want a ward, having the cost removed may be a distinct benefit.
  6. Psionic


    I come back and everything is gone. Oh well. Jungles are plenty fun. A good chunk of junglers can be killed by a well timed rotation to a rune, or even just waltzing off the lane once in a while. They are the reason you get imbalanced lanes, which gives a good chunk of the hero pool an extra bump towards usability by devoting a safe, defended lane to them against reduced opposition or, conversely, a location where experience is plenty for the few heroes capable of safely acquiring it. Rezzie's got it. HoN is built with the jungle in consideration, a lot of heroes would feel a swing if
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