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  1. JohnDang55

    Nomad Buff

    Okay the Nomad I was most familiar with was Version 4.1.5 https://hon.gamepedia.com/Nomad. July 18th 2017 Back when his base attack time was 1.5 and his passive and super good base attack time made him a last hitting cancer when played by smurfs. But he's received numerous buffs since then. Agility gain increased 0.2 Edge counter from 420 into 650 damage AOE Crit from 2.0 into 2.2 which makes Shroud even better. Only nerfs were less 0.2 strength and intelligence gain. 20 damage loss to Mirage strike, and Edge Counter going from 3 second stun and 2 second stun. I could have sw
  2. Thanks for finally implementing my suggestion for the China avatars. I have been waiting for China Empath for years.
  3. JohnDang55

    Nomad Buff

    Sorry I haven’t played in a while but isn’t Nomad the number 1 hero for smurfs to play to go mid and stomp? As far as I can see he is stronger now than he was say 2017 and 2018 with increased damage, stun, reduced cool down on his ult, as well as higher crit? I still have bad memories of shieldbreaker nomads in normal mode wrecking teams early on and getting immortals? And isn’t he like the best last hitter with his nonsense extra damage on creeps such that can’t even deny him? Let’s see what was it, almost 100 auto attack damage against creeps at level 1? So how the heck that this
  4. Why are there overlapping bans of a sudden, I don't recall the same hero being banned 4 times (Flint Beastwood) in the Christmas update for HON which made it every person gets 2 bans each and they do not overlap. Is this a bug?
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