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  1. ...3 seconds difference in the worst case for the respawn timer doesn't seem so bad... Let's try out and see how it goes. To be honest, I don't think it'll matter much anyway. Maybe we're not playing the same midwars matches, but by the time T1 and T2 are down, I usually worry more about teammates AFKing or spamming the CC vote than the respawn timer. I consider myself very lucky when all I have to worry about is how to try to play correctly. Still on the topic of midwars, I think two issues are kinda acknowledged by most players : 'toxic' heroes picked 24/7 (too much viability c
  2. Looks like I have the same issue. (Hon support redirected me to this forum btw) My facts : EU servers only Not all matches Worse in the evening No download / upload / windows update or any background network task during games (of course!) When there's delay, the disconnected sign is showing intermittently resulting in massive 1-2 sec delay for action When there is huge spikes, the ping and packet loss indicators are trolling heavily ? showing regular ping of ~100ms and packet loss less than 1%. It doesn't help to get other people in the game to ac
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