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  1. GMT + 8 11:11 PM 21:49 SG211 644504319
  2. Because the ping are not visible on region thats why they always pick different regions
  3. Any news from our server? No Response from server bug PH is nice server low ping high fps SG is not overpopulation = low fps too much dc icon long server frame
  4. About the PH Server this error still occur
  5. GMT + 8 10:17PM 46:50 SG210 644431972
  6. It happen all the time Singapore server so bad Always dc icon Thai people also q in sg PH, Malay, Vietnam in SG also Server keep crashing The server always full PH server on No response from the server 5 months now
  7. Yeah nerf ophelia so bad.. Winning rate and picking rate are dropping now
  8. You can ask garena right for new season ?
  9. Event Page: 404 page not found Well no more rewards
  10. So lag long server frame keep spamming in my console is this fps drop or what??
  11. Rewards are not claimable Points are not recorded properly
  12. i don't know man ask ElementUser or garena..
  13. Mastery Level Level 6 Level 9 Level 14
  14. No need to rework hes fine 45% win rate sea 1.1% use rate
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