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  1. finally Sillheute out of the game! thats about time! i dont get the ban on bomb tho or Golden Veil. Bring back the old salo and the old engi with the turret!! The game is boring without those
  2. Light Gunblade! (when will the new rotation happen btw)
  3. Hello friends, i've a suggestion to make! I think we can all agree that there's an huge difference between players placed in the same rank and ending up in the same team. Right!?? What about if we implement a system where the player can choose in the begging of the match if he is: "skilled/ very active" "casual but experienced" "beginner/ I could use some advice" "i'm here to be coached/ please guide me" And then in-game we would have a color symbol next to each player name (only visible for his team) that would indicate for the rest of us what we can expect from
  4. What about the velociraptor Rampage? I've seen before... it's like a little blue dino but it's not available on the shop ? anyone know its name?
  5. Please can u bring back the old salomon on the next patch? the one that had two spells that could slow, the swing of the sword.. It makes the hero more fun to play. Now is boring
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