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  1. I mean, I love playing support. But I'd be keen to play a few games with you? Feel free to add me. Check my wards, and assits. Not my kdr. :3 K:D:A? Although right now, my laptop I play on is ... still using vista! - Boom. It's not an excuse, lol - It just crashes frequently. Xd -Juice
  2. I... am online now. And will probably be for the next, hr or 2 ... WHICH I KNow... Makes me a liar. BUT! ... I'm ready to make this work! -Juicey
  3. Yar! Looking for a rag tag team to make up 5 so we can compete in the HoNiversary event. Does anybody have the Bloodtide brigade avatars? And wish to join this ship? the team will need to be. Dev, Rhapsody, Artesia, Drunken Master and Zeph. I have Artesia and Rhapsody myself. Looking to play tomorrow, around 2:30 Australian NSW time. If we play, and win! We can be in the running to win 700g. each. Add me - Juicepie, and I'll be online around then. Thanks!
  4. Hey, I accidentally posted this too soon in the previous comp. Now I get where it's suppose to go. Sorry about that. So here is my entry. (I also updated it a little :3) EDIT! : It's the last night of the month, and I had an idea... So here it is. Hope adding to my post is ok! Also, done in paint.
  5. Hi, it's me Juicepie. Yep. Ok. So, just curious - when buying Goblin Coins (Especially right now as it's HONiversary omig :O) who does our money go to if we are paying with the in-game client? The reason why I ask is, I've now seen two instances, one on the webpage and the other in-game stating that, we would be "Supporting you directly on our official website with PAYPAL etc" I'd like to support FrostBurn as much as possible, however, I don't really use Paypal. And the in-game client seems to work fine. Am I being a filthy non supporter by making my purchases that way, or, does the money end up coming around anyway? I guess all I'm looking for here is ---> should I be investing my energy into setting up Paypal? What's the difference?? Does it hurt to make purchases in game? I did try to purchase coins on the webpage without Paypal, but ran into some errors which prompted me to just use the in game client. Which also, made me feel bad. Cause I dunno... wasn't sure if I was 'supporting FB enough. :/ Would love to support FB if I can, but, is it really making a difference if I buy 'in-game', I mean.... are you guys NOT getting the money if it goes through that system??? Or something? (I'd hope you were getting it if that was the case :/) ...and can we ask - what is the difference between paying one way or the other? WILL YOU GET MY SUPPORT!? Ugh, my empathetic intuition is in turmoil! HALP! :3 -Juicey
  6. Hmm - yeah looking at the two, Dark Succubus I think is a little shorter in size, especially compared to Naughty Succubus. But I always thought Dark Succubus resembled the current throwback one a little more. Here is a screen shot of the three succubi, I tried to capture them just as their animation starts so it's fair game among them. ;P :)
  7. Hi - Juicy here! So it's been six odd months since I've been able to play HoN as my laptop died around then.... So that sucked. However, I've gotten much more done in that time ANYWAY! During that time, I found a Laptop I didn't even realise I had and suppose I'd forgotten about. As it was the one I use to play HoN on way back in 2013. So I was looking through the files and documents, and low and behold, there it was. The HoN client for version 2.3.3 (Whaat?) So I immediately installed that bad boy - thinking it would update itself to the current version but man was I wrong. And not unimpressed. As I got to see the old log in screen we all use to love and enjoy! I figured, not many would have this opportunity and so decided I'd love to share these photos! I screen printed them after it had installed. (Of course the game was still under S2? I think, and it wouldn't let me play or update) ...Which also, not that ya'll probably care, but I have since downloaded the current version and playing again, on very low graphics. This PC is still using Windows 2007. XP Anyway on to the Nostalgia! So I also wanted to talk about Succubus... Which I've brought up before, but now I have the evidence. This... Is not the throwback one. This! Is the real throwback one. I wonder, where did this one end up? What do you guys think? I think the old one is better, and would love to see it re-appear. I realise the body and shape is used in the Naughty Succubus Avatar, but would love love love to see this particular one to make a return! Does anyone else agree? Would love to hear what you guys think, whether or not you're blown away by the old log in pages... or if you agree that they should bring back the old 'old' Succubus avatar. :3 Any discussion on remenission is always welcome too. Ok, that's it from me! Peace! - Juicey
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