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  1. Task Manager says I have "Virtualization: Enabled", and does *not* say that the machine is itself a VM: That seems in line with what I'd expect for the VM host (though I suppose it makes sense for the management OS of a "native" hypervisor). I note that Task Manager also shows a virtual Ethernet device, but it's not in use (at present; I would guess it's for WSL or something) and indeed Windows' list of network adapters doesn't even show it. I'll see if there's any simple thing I can turn off. Unfortunately, I use this machine for both hobby and professional work that really wan
  2. STAFF EDIT: please visit this thread for a solution: =================== You've got a bug in your (new?) VM detection code. Not sure what it is but I'm not running in a VM. I've got Hyper-V installed but this is the HOST OS, not a guest. This OS runs VMs it isn't in one itself. Problem: HoN x64 won't let me log in anyhow. Started with the new version that just dropped tonight (, x64). Game worked fine on 4.9.3. OS is Windows 10 Enterprise x64, Insider build 21390. Client Hyper-V is enabled but not in use (no VM
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