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  1. Well, I replicated the problem in the same spot as the twitch clip on the Mid Wars map. I guess you could find other spots where it would behave similarly, even on FoC. Good luck addressing this issue, should you deem it necessary. It does seem like a pretty rare occurrence after all.
  2. I'll lend my genius level intellect and ability of discernment for this one (joking, of course). Notice the red X that shows up next to Gauntlet after firing off the hook. It looks like that's how the "E" skill targets the angle you want. So now lodge yourself into the tree closer to the lotus leaves using direct pathing (more from the right side rather than top). Play with it a little. Eventually you should be able to obstruct the spot that would normally give you the angle you want. And thus Gauntlet's aim for the hook will be off - with varying results.
  3. Can this be moved to "Confirmed"? It takes 5 minutes to replicate the problem. It affects multiple features, and is pretty annoying for WASD camera, which is really the optimal way to play HoN.
  4. So, replication method: Step 1: Bind "Activate Inventory x" to [LAlt] + [Key] Step 2: Bind "Direct Pathing" to [Key] Step 3: Press [LAlt] Step 4: With [LAlt] held down, press [Key] Result: "Direct Pathing" will now remain active after letting go of the keys until [Key] is pressed again Alternative issue: Instead of "Direct Pathing", assign [Move Forward/Left/Back/Right] to [Key] Follow steps 3 to 4 accordingly Result: Camera will move in that direction until [Key] is pressed again Should work with all six "Activate Inventory x" bindings, and likely the ward/tp quick s
  5. You have completely misinterpreted the reasoning behind the AFK timer's existence. There's no scenario where the teammates are expected to reduce their interaction with the game to ZERO inputs and effectively compromise the entire team. This can be verified by asking yourself a simple question: could my lack of feedback be possibly exploited by the other team to gain the upperhand? The answer is YES, you would be sitting behind the tower unprepared either not providing assists during skirmishes or feeding resources to the opponents getting tower dived. Your consistent readiness is really the b
  6. True. There are these hitbox issues when creeps bunch up or stand close to a tower. Jank like that is unfortunately what separates HoN from a polished MOBA like Dota. So, the hitboxes have probably been like that since the game's inception. Is it even fixable without some fundamental changes in the engine? I wouldn't get my hopes up for this one.
  7. You can't. Modding it off might be possible, but I have no idea. Frostburn's position on this seems pretty obvious: pings are the required minimal level of communication that shouldn't be left to a player's judgment. I have had my share of annoyance over unreliable pings, but I would rather have a way to communicate with trigger happy muters, and with the kind of pings we have you actually can quite efficiently.
  8. It's probably reportable behavior, but it wouldn't be very sane to block the most basic (and efficient) form of communication. Fortunately the pings are much easier to ignore than someone screaming from your speakers/headphones.
  9. If I remember correctly, the default hotkey for Direct Pathing is LAlt, which is obviously also the hotkey that you use to interact with the inventory. This could be the reason your issue is occurring because I never had something like that happen with Direct Pathing remapped. I CAN however tell you what other issue I'm personally experiencing that's related to LAlt: I use WASD to move the camera around, and if I happen to need to use one of the items while moving the camera, it gets stuck moving into the direction of that item key if LAlt is held down in the right sequence. Obnoxious. An
  10. More like Zephyr / Ra / The Gladiator in the mid lane. Magmus is too easy to mishandle for a support player in silver. In any case, he'll just have to build more confidence and move around the map in a way that provides resources as well as team contribution.
  11. 10-0 games in silver are indeed unlucky. Those games usually drag on with people playing like bots. If you can play heroes that scale and make impact, the results should be much more satisfactory.
  12. Here you go for whatever it's worth: https://i.imgur.com/bYO3Qwg.png Suddenly started lagging mid-game, so I checked the ping in the public game server browser. All the EU servers doubled in ping except for EU202, which for some reason was also not losing packets like all the rest.
  13. Not experiencing this today like the past 2 days around 18:00-00:00 CET. If I do I'll post a /pa and /gi, although it is cumbersome to have to either host a public game and have someone join, or queue ranked and potentially be stuck playing a terrible match for an hour. A faster method would be helpful. Advice to anyone suspecting they may lag and have an unenjoyable game they can't quit: create a public game (not practice), choose a random EU server, and keep changing slots in the lobby. Packet loss should eventually become noticeable while doing so.
  14. So, I'm fairly sure I'm experiencing the same thing OP is, it only starts around the evening CET time. All the EU servers seem to be affected (I tested like 5 different ones). The ping is not the problem, packet loss is, so every 5 seconds any action will get delayed by like a second. If I queue to US East, the loss doesn't occur, and it's in fact more playable despite twice the ping. Conclusion: EU servers are unplayable (or barely) for a good portion of the playerbase during the evening, which I'm assuming are congestion hours.
  15. This is not on your end, a lot of people are experiencing this. It is traffic routing congestion from certain regions to HoN servers. Likely DDoS. We can't do anything unless FB pays for sufficient DDoS mitigation.
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