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    Hi everyone, is there a way to gift gold coins to a friend?
  2. My friends and I been having the old issue again "no response from server" , having to queue 10 games for 1 game to log in.
  3. This happened few times already, finishing a game and not getting registered even after hours or days, is it gonna be fixed soon?
  4. thank you, well it's sad specially that i played hundreds of hours in the game
  5. i dont think it's packet loss cz i used 3 different providers : my house router , personal 4g router , and cell phone 4g
  6. its moving during the DC icons but commands aren't going through
  7. not really it's not ddos ty anw

    dc signs

    i have been having random dc signs in game though i tried 3 different internet connections, and having no issues in any other game or any disconnect. This is weird since it never happened before any help?
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