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  1. thanks man it didn't worth though, the 32 bit version is working fine so i think im gonna stick with it till i know why the 64 bit aint working for today anymore
  2. Randomly having this error today when launching the game, any ideas?
  3. It happened twice today, game just freezes for everyone and its not ddos.
  4. Steam downloading speed around 10Mb/sec , while im trying to install hon its around 500kb/sec, is there something im missing?
  5. if u check the registration website(it.ly/honomg-cycle1) it said, 0/16 teams are participating, so no one registered yet or what
  6. Hi everyone, is there a way to gift gold coins to a friend?
  7. My friends and I been having the old issue again "no response from server" , having to queue 10 games for 1 game to log in.
  8. This happened few times already, finishing a game and not getting registered even after hours or days, is it gonna be fixed soon?
  9. thank you, well it's sad specially that i played hundreds of hours in the game ?
  10. i dont think it's packet loss cz i used 3 different providers : my house router , personal 4g router , and cell phone 4g
  11. its moving during the DC icons but commands aren't going through
  12. not really it's not ddos ty anw
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