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  1. @ElementUser Thank you for the the zag on midwars mmr! Numbers going up make my neural pathways fire in ways my state of being finds pleasing.
  2. I only play for midwars mmr. My life now has no meaning.
  3. Excuse me? How is that not the quality of a bad player? I have 70+% winrate on my suicide hag. I'm a 1500-1600 player.
  4. Jungle role is not more problematic than any other role. What drives this behaviour you see as a problem? A player feels the best way to play the game is by farming gold and avoiding engagements above all other objectives. They may feel their chances of winning are better the more gold they accumulate. This shows a distrust in the team's ability to win, and on the other hand, a confidence in their ability to win if they are the top earner. When they lose, this might actually reinforce their assumptions, since they didn't participate, so in a twisted way, they were not part of the losing effort. They were trying to earn as much gold as possible, which we established earlier, is the best chance they believed they had for winning. So the player plays the way he thinks is the best way to win, and the rest of the team loses the match. This is a problem with the pilot, not the hero or the role. Hon is a very dynamic game. It punishes static, non-responsive play. Hon is also a team game. Help your teammate. Even the assholes. Encourage them to do the right thing isntead of flaming them for doing the wrong thing. There are no winners in a flame war.
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