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  1. Dota slowness comes from animation style. Dota2 animation is more floaty and subtle. Hon animation is generally more pronounced and choppy.
  2. I'd play grimms. If the wait time is an issue, just let me select all modes (mw, caldaver, grimms) simultaneusly for queue and we're all set.
  3. I just wanted to chime in to say the name of the above poster is accurate. He just wasted precious time from anyone reading this thread. Maybe, just maybe, you should take your egocentric e-penis flailing to private messages. Thank you.
  4. McDonalds has an enormous company behind it. Doesn't necessarily mean people don't enjoy other foods.
  5. I'd like haste to be affected by slows. Other than that, it seems fine. Just my opinion though.
  6. Damage as survivability is one a concept I'd like to bring up. When you are outputting a lot of pain in your zone of control, it doubles as survivability. Enemies tend avoid dying, and may position themselves in a way where they try to avoid your damage. Either that or they die faster, boosting your survivability by removing them from the fight.
  7. PBT meta was a snooze fest and a contributing factor was easy access to the ancient camps from lane. It was not uncommon for the support to stack them every minute starting from min 1. Not doing so was a waste of recources and the team would be forced to take the triple stack every time it was available. Please consider this while reading the suggestions. Was this sort of gameplay true to the gamemode? How about one camp then? When a team pushes early, it gains access to an additional resource to farm. This would likely make snowballing faster and promote multi healer push comps. Pushing
  8. No. My point is "if it can be made available, it should be made available". No one is benefiting from exclusivity.
  9. I agree. Artificially created arbitrary restrictions on supply are dumb.
  10. It might be a compatability problem with some program. I had major performance decrease on HoN when running F.lux (app, not the hero) for instance, low fps and hitching. There might be other programs that clash with the game. I would try killing all backround applications and then trying to see if there is any improvement.
  11. @MerryHONmas Should there be a better reason to make an avatar available, other than willingness to purchause said avatar?
  12. You could queue commands with shift if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Oo, look at me, having avatars I know people can't get anymore makes me feel special, and that is the top priority here, for me to feel special.
  14. @NubbyMcNub Read what you quote next time please. I don't think we should be fixated on this sociopath edge case, surely these don't make up the bulk of your games. Perception is flawed. Perceiving game as lost is a self fulfilling prophecy. Losing mentality and giving up is what really robs people of their enjoyment, not playing the game. Playing to lose is the bigger problem here. You sir, are unfortunately on the wrong side of history. Im sorry if you don't enjoy playing the match to it's conclusion. And if you describe playing the game as suffering, maybe you should re-evaluate h
  15. @NubbyMcNub The thing is I feel we have a fundamental difference in how we view this problem, and I believe no argument from either side will bring us closer. I feel the same way about people giving up early as you feel about people not giving up. I also don't see leaving a game you don't enjoy as a non option. Neither do I see losing mmr as a penalty.
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