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  1. Since we finally know the patch release date. Lemme just refresh this topic. Up up and away!
  2. Myrmidon is a pretty balanced hero atm, but there are a few cases where he becomes questionable. This is mostly for carry Myrmidon and some cases where are doombringer gets dropped and you pick it up. When you are in his Forced Evolution form, it doesn't matter how high your damage is, you will always hit for 240 magic damage. My suggestion is that if you have physical damage higher than 240, hits as extra physical damage (this of course does not work on the splash effect when you have Staff) and you start hitting with mixed damage. It's kinda funny cause if they have magic immunity on, you st
  3. Ever since the wolves got nerfed to deal 0.5 damage, Emerald Warden has become pretty underpowered and often frustrating. I can't count how many times the enemy heroes go uphill or in trees a fraction of a second before the wolves hit, and the ability deal close to no damage cause of it. I propose something more balanced to prevent his W from being useless at times. If you have seen the enemy within the last 4 seconds (could also work with 3 seconds) before the wolves final contact, they deal full damage. only if they haven't been visible for 4 seconds and the wolves hit them, do th
  4. First of all, I'm going to start this off with Frostwolf Skull, why not make the recipe for it cost 900, like for Geometers Bane and Grimoire Of Power? Isn't that the whole point of the "Brands" to be the same for every attribute. And honestly making it 100 gold more expensive won't make any difference to it. Second of all, multiple units selections. For example when I play Ophelia even though I put all my neutrals on a key bind, I would like when they are all selected to be able to place them in order of my own choosing instead of random. I have a suggestions for this on how it can be im
  5. Shadowblade is my favorite hero, but I feel like these buffs are too much. I like that the penalty finally got removed but now the E is over buffed. Keep in my, his E already does 80% of your int as extra damage with every hit, so the stun's (and maybe even the extra damage on the first hit) feels a bit much. I feel like the stun should be changed to a mini-stun, like Flints (W), just so Shadowblade has the option to cancel a tp or a channeling spell (like many other carries) but not hold the enemy hero stunned for too long. The extra damage on the first hit can stay cause it's not THAT
  6. I can't update the 32 bit version, every time I press Yes to download the newest version of HoN, the crash report thing opens and I can't download it. I even completely reinstalled the game, and the crash reports keep popping up.
  7. Oh sorry then, I apologize, I'm in that discord group but I haven't noticed the update. Thank you for taking the time and offering your services.
  8. Exactly, like I'm not saying they should be always available. If anything I support the decision to lock them up... But since they decided to make them purchasable throughout different time periods when people asked for them (and they announced their availability) it would have only been fair to give us a heads up when they decided to make them unavailable again.
  9. So 3 days ago I was getting ready to buy both Legendary Valkyrie and Shinobi Monkey King at once (I've been saving up 9k for a while). And I noticed that they were unavailable... After that I noticed that every single Limited/Gold/EA avatar has been made unavailable. They were available up until the honmas event ended (I literally lucked out for a day or two). I was just curious why this decision was made after nearly 2 years? Or if anything, an announcement would have been nice. I would have put in an extra couple of hours to get the silver before they got "closed off". Is it possib
  10. OK so if his "True Damage" was the problem then I have a suggestion. Adrenalin's was so fun to play before, very unique in how his mana mechanic worked, same as how Ra uses health for skills. So my suggest is, why not change him back to his old self, just change the true damage to superior magic. If they have a shrunken active, the enemy receives only 50% of the damage lets say (something to what parallax has on his ult with staff effect) you guys can tweak the numbers. Please bring back the old Adrenalin cause he was insanely fun to play. The whole "trapped" concept on his ult now
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