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  1. It's not showing up in GeForce experience for me either but filters work anyways when renamed to hon.exe When I have booted into HoN i press Alt+Z to open the geforce menu and then filters. Or Alt+F3 to open the filters menu directly. I do have the 32-bit client installed aswell, and that one shows up under GeForce experience, but not the 64-bit client.
  2. I got the Nvidia filters to work by changing the executable to hon.exe so no need for reshade. Just gotta remember to change the name back to hon_x64.exe for updates since it the updater gave me error otherwise. Ill go ahead and post some screenshots this weekend.
  3. So I was just browsing the supported games list for nvidia freestyle (filters) and saw Heroes of Newerth there. So i went on to HoN (64-bit client) and tried to enable it but just got "unsupported game". Is there any possibility you would make it work for 64-bit aswell? And if not, is it allowed to use 3rd party software like reshade, or will this trigger some anti-cheat module?
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