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  1. no_puedo_mas


    And i keep getting disconnected w/o a reason, and i can't re-join the game again, because it's like that game never existed, No response from server, accounts getting banned temporaly because of no response from server, accounts getting banned and needing to play public games because i get disconnected from games and can't re-join without a single reason... Etc, etc, etc. All i can say is... Congratulations. Clap clap clap. You made it, you tried so hard, and finally you made it. You made a guy leave hon after more than 10 years, because your own server failures.
  2. no_puedo_mas


    Like... no response from servers, AGAIN? What are you guys trying to do with hon? For real.
  3. I can't play because of this problem and i'm actually getting banned from matchmaking... Like... LOL
  4. It is the second time that the game has simply disappeared from my computer. The icon to open the game disappears, it's like the game has been uninstalled, I don't know. The hon folder is still here, but the icon to open the game just disappeared. How to solve this? Thanks.
  5. ? Arachna still unbeatable in a 1v1 lane. That nerf changes literally nothing. Q, W and ult still broken. Nothing changed. I hope u're joking. Hahaha.
  6. You can still use it with some heroes, not worth for a flint anymore, for example. But the price difference is ridiculous. 2.5 to 4k, LMAO. Interesting... That's all i have to say.
  7. 4.2k for this effect not worth. Agreed. Should've be his normal effect.
  8. Smart cast here is kinda terribad compared with other games that i'm used to play using it... So, no.
  9. That's a good solution, let's all stop playing. We can only play if we have 3 or 4 friends online to invite. Thanks, man.
  10. You can check my matchs, i had a griefer in every single game i played this times... Last game was an afk codex nh. I don't know what to do. We don't have an avoid list to not play with this kind of people again, so... Good luck.
  11. Dude? Can you chill? Why are you so upset about the suggestion to remove the jungle early game? Are you a jungle player? I'm not going to bother to check your status, but I'm pretty sure it is. We can only wait then...
  12. No one has ever talked about hating people in this thread, except you.. I came on the forum to give a suggestion for improving the game. The idea is not to remove jungle entirely, it wouldn't make any sense. The idea is to make it impossible for people to do the jungle early game, forcing the team to play 4v5 for 10 ~ 15 minutes, at least. As I said, another game in the same segment did just that. The result was great. The example is there, the result is there, everyone can see. Except those who don't want to see it, of course.
  13. Basically, they removed an item that facilitated the jungle early game ( Iron Talon if i'm not wrong. ), increased the time for the jungle creeps to be born and changed the jungle easy/medium/hard camps. I mean, we have orb of zamos, we shouldnt have this early game jungle. Playing with a jungle in ur team is a huge disadvantage. You can go 2-1-2 and roam, w/e u want, but picking a hero to start at jungle in lvl 1 and being there till 10~15~20~40 min? That's not playing hon.
  14. I'm not talking about good or bad players, i'm talking about the afk ones wich pick a jungler and NEVER participate. Doesn't matter if he's good or bad, this game is not suposed to be played against creeps, this is a MOBA. We all know what should be done in a moba, being afk for 15~20~25 or 42 minutes, as they just did in my game is not the purpose of this game. It is not the purpose of any MOBA. This has been a problem since the early days of the game, other MOBA as i already mentioned did a good work and took the jungle out of early game. I'm just asking anyone who is i
  15. Hon is better. I mentioned what Dota 2 did with the early jungle because it worked. Worked very well. I'm not talking about one or two players, i'm talking about jungle in general. There must be a way to make these heroes unable to make the jungle in lvl 1, it remains to be seen if there is anyone interested in doing this.
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