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  2. Gladiator: change Pitfall cast range to global
  3. Gunblade: disarms target while attached A 6 second disarm should not be underestimated!
  4. This sounds like it belongs more in suggestions. OP would like a UI option whereby clicking an item already in your inventory automatically opens the shop and offers recipes for which that item is an ingredient. OP wants to buy base components blind, and then have an easier way to figure out how to upgrade them after already committing to them.
  5. This is another amazing suggestion worth considering. This community is amazing. Scaling burst off the enemy damage is indeed a design limitation. This just might be the compromise needed to retain his theme without the unfortunate side effects in the extreme conditions.
  6. There's a difference between unique build paths and having items actively work against each other. A good design space encourages players to explore different builds to suit their playstyles and current game situation. Bad design space discourages item exploration. Barbed armor is thematically geared towards tank heroes, because reflecting damage is pointless unless you can survive more than a few seconds. Unfortunately, nobody ever bought it because of how inefficient it was after damage mitigation. The question is not "should I go tanky or should I return damage?" Rather, the q
  7. Because it was bad design before. It was a "tank" item that had negative synergy with armor and defensive abilities.
  8. Just had a match, 160407453, that had 32 deaths by 4:08.
  9. It is now 65% of attempted damage. Used to be 80% of post-mitigated damage. So as long as you have at least 18.75% damage reduction (3.85 armor) it's a buff.
  10. I play 1900+ MW regularly and have noticed it on occasion. The games are overall still exciting, with very few suffering from no action... and that's a level where people try to win at all costs and never simply get bored and suicide. Looking at your screenshot, it comes down to lineups. Legion team is waiting on a Valk arrow, possibly a Ravenor shot. Pyro is not a reliable stun and best for follow-up. Ichor is a reactionary tank as well and not an initiator. Hellbourne is hot garbage for initiation and is probably scared shitless to avoid the valk/rav skillshots. They certainly can
  11. It was always garbage. Any tank worth its salt buys armor over stacking health.
  12. Amazing work as always, particularly the bug fixes. Stronger differentiation between Frontwolf/Frostfield and Mad Mage/Frostfield very nice. I am looking forward to the new Grimoire as well. Adding a recipe to Ring of Teacher is a lifesaver for me, personally, as I frequently combined it unintentionally while buying guardian ring and scarabs independently for different items. edit: Do I have to replace my 10 year old icon with Pegasus Boots now?
  13. Note: This is not the same as the one currently in "confirmed", which prevented a name change. I was able to change my nickname, but then weird things happened thereafter. I changed the name of one of my sub-accounts from "SonOfForest" to "PickTorturer". A few things happened that were weird. All of them can be captured in a single screenshot! 1) I cannot leave the clan that I was in under the old name. When I try to leave the clan, it gives the message that the new name cannot be found. 2) In the chat rooms, the old name appears in the member list. 3) In the ch
  14. Even though it is not in the incarnation I imagined, I am so excited about the upcoming new item upgrade to Post Haste!
  15. Plinko the most cost effective way to get avatars.
  16. This is 99% the issue. Do a full uninstall and download the Hon64 client.
  17. Seems like Plinko should get a 10% discount to 49 gc to keep it even.
  18. So I've been thinking more about this. Looking at the current ping wheel, there are only 4 sides used of the main ping pentagon. This intuitively would allow an entire ward section. The primary button could announce "Enemy ward here" while the offshoot buttons could say "Need ward of sight here", "need ward of revelation here", etc. If a 5th button isn't possible, the "Fight here!" option seems to be a catch all for strategic positioning events. It currently has only one offshoot, which says "coming to help here". Two others could easily* be added for "enemy ward here" and "need ward
  19. Best suggestion I've seen in a long time. Let's hope it is possible to recode with the existing resources. Seems like it would need new voice acting.
  20. There is only one option then: create two brand new combative items to balance out the categories!
  21. I believe statistics should only be provided for skill-based abilities. Stating actual results for hard coded RNG effects will only result in more things to be frustrated/angry about.
  22. Suggestion: Increase attack speed of Hypercrown from 80 to 90. Currently, the items that build into Hypercrown provide 90 attack speed individually. It is common convention that the final item should, at a minimum, contain all of the attributes and bonuses of the component items. Note that the recipe cost may have to be adjusted accordingly for balance considerations.
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