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  1. Rather than a countdown, do a countup. Much easier and intuitive. Simply read the time, and that's how old it is.
  2. My favorite part is when being able to see your enemy's MMR magically makes the match more fun!
  3. @CuysauruS you beat me to it! I was about to post this:
  4. @Tricko so the ghost in the background also plays hon?
  5. I really don’t get this obsession people seem to have knowing other people’s MMR in midwars. If you’re high ranked you’ll still be matched against other people at high rank. Literally nothing will change for high ranked MW. I just don’t get it.
  6. You will still be able to see your personal MW MMR, which is what is important. There is no constructive value to seeing other players’.
  7. Pssshh... he CLEARLY said those hero models are bad! What do YOU know about hero models!?
  8. This is key. That, combined with the short cool down and unitwalking, gives opportunities to dodge specific physical attacks and reposition safely during a fight, then immediately start attacking again. The speed burst plus immunity is also a solid escape on its own if the skirmish is lost.
  9. @KaraiPyhare I was trying to find mad max references but in the end thought they were too obscure. The only one that is well known is “two enter, one leaves” but that didn’t fit any of Nitro’s abilities! I settled on some Fast and Furious.
  10. Remember guys... for the meme thread do not put your own text (unless it’s a set up). It’s supposed to be a blank template for other people to add text to later!
  11. I didn’t forget. Plated Greaves were simply too strong. Every draft I had could not be reasonably balanced. In the end I came to the conclusion it was okay to reach an early dead end on the item progression path of least risk. Sure, you could push the record cost arbitrarily high until it’s not good... but that’s not good design.
  12. I will be tomorrow when I have time. There's a surprising amount of thought and nuance that went into these that may not be obvious at first read.
  13. From a design standpoint I prefer short and sweet flavor texts. I've never been a fan of long flavor texts, no matter how witty or funny (except Post Haste flavor text, which is fine as is). So some of you may find my suggestions not particularly creative. Lastly, you'll notice all of my suggestions are straight homages to pop culture. I believe this fits Nitro's flavor as she is quite fun and sassy. Ballistic Blast Off Three's a Crowd Overdrive:
  14. Put on the spot much? This is long. If you want my life story (for HON) you got it. Also, I am aware this biography is very me-oriented and comes off narcissistic. Sorry for that. THE BEGINNINGS COMMUNITY ROLES AND S2 FRIENDSHIPS ROMANCE
  15. Dynamo Boots Steam Boots: 1450 Alchemist's Bones: 1950 Dynamo Boots Recipe: 400 Total Cost: 3800 Passive: 60 movement speed 50 attack speed 10 strength 10 agility 10 intelligence Activation: Transmute an enemy creep. (Note: Transmute charges and effect are same as Alchemist Bones.)
  16. Talaria Post Haste: 2500 Snake Bracelet: 1100 Wind Whistle: 200 Total Cost: 3800 Passive: 120 movement speed 25% evasion Out of Combat: 45 movement speed, 2 health regeneration Activation: Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown: 60 After channeling, teleports self to friendly tower, structure, or hero. Evasion is increased to 50% while channeling. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds if teleporting to Well or Tar Pit. (Note: The teleport speed burst and out of combat mechanic is identical to Post Haste, except what is explicitly listed above.)
  17. Void Marchers Ghost Marchers: 1500 Void Talisman: 1500 Major Totem: 540 Total Cost 3540 Passive: 70 movement speed 24 damage 10 strength 10 agility 10 intelligence Activation: Mana Cost: 0 Cooldown: 12 Applies Phased and Void Talisman to self for 4 seconds. Activate again to end Void Talisman early. Phased: 20% Movement Speed. Unitwalking. Void Talisman: -5 Magic Armor, Disarmed, Physical Immunity
  18. Sorceror's Gift Sorcery Boots: 1915 Nome's Wisdom: 2000 Total Cost: 3915 Passive: 50 movement speed 10 damage 2 magic armor 3 strength 3 agility 6 intelligence Magic Armor Aura Magic Armor Aura: 15 movespeed, 3 armor, 3 magic armor, 250 max mana, 100% mana regeneration, heal for 30% of mana spent (does not stack with self or Nome's Wisdom's Magic Armor Aura) Activation: Mana Cost: 0 Cooldown: 33 Replenishes 160 mana to self and allies (Notes: When allies become under the effects of Magic Armor Aura's 250 max mana, the current absolute mana is maintained rather than percentage.)
  19. As is Solstice
  20. TFW Kane's SOTM needs a graph...
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