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  1. Yikes that kinda killed the mood. Let's recognize MsMia's 16 game win streak in high 1800's Midwars, many of which were solo queue. I'm so proud!
  2. Nobody seems to be talking about the biggest problem with Ophelia's pact, that the 700 gold is not aligned with the damage and stats.
  3. I watched the replay. The increased regen (health and mana) was from you sipping the bottle. You took no damage because your shield absorbed it all.
  4. It's a good thing I gave you a good reason then.
  5. There are currently 19 items in "Protective" classification. There are currently 17 items in "Combative" classification. My OCD does not allow for this imbalance. Please relocate Wingbow from Protective to Combative. Let's face it; not many people buy Wingbow for the evasion.
  6. LRM does not apply crit. LRM damage is reduced by armor. 50 damage per missile is actually quite good. LRM does reduced damage to creeps.
  7. Best suggestion I’ve read in a long time.
  8. The mana cost on Qi's E is a burden. Should be free in my opinion. The scaling mana upkeep for hat is enough. Right now it feels bad to reposition hat early game, since you're spending 50 mana to get about an extra 50 damage worth of contact time.
  9. So to summarize, you want to increase strength gain, add a nuke, add a shield, add a silence, and increase the stun duration of his ultimate? Ya nothing could possibly go wrong with that.
  10. He's too good at range, too bad at farming. Scale back those two things. That's the general direction I'd like to see. Off the top of my head: Increase damage to neutral creeps from 50% to 40%/60%/80%/100%. If LRM hits an enemy hero, Artillery is sighted for 1 second. Increase wander of LRM rockets (more difficult to aim accurately the further the target)
  11. I know that heroes are not balanced for MW, but it is important to recognize that MW is a popular mode and Artillery is God tier there. Straight number buffs will be very poorly received by the MW community, unless fundamental mechanic changes happen in parallel.
  12. YES he's boring as hell with 2 passives his design theme does not match his gameplay simple number tweaking can never work to address these issues, because any carry with a reliable and instantaneous escape will always be on a knife edge of balance fairnes If you remake him, his signature feel should remain. Mana Combustion and Flash must never go away, even if they get number adjustments or bundled with other side effects. Master of the Mantra and Mana Rift are expendable.
  13. I believe FB has already officially stated that new modes would not be considered to prevent further fragmenting a limited playerbase.
  14. Step 1: Have a monthly forum competition for simple balance changes. Week 1: Submissions All submissions must be achievable with basic scripting; code and animation implementations not allowed Basically number tweaks or simple mechanics Week 2: First round voting (all valid entries) Week 3: FB staff analyze results FB staff has the right to filter finalists (to remove complicated implementations or troll/bad suggestions that were somehow upvoted) Week 4: Finalist voting (top 5) Poll can be hosted on a third party polling s
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