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  1. by battlefield i meant Forest of Caldavar....
  2. Even though it hurts to say it, my interest in HoN has been dwindling over the past years, it sucks to see what you like slowly fade away and out of relevance. Although this monday was a sad day for me, and probably to all of you, there was some part of me that felt a relief. For the first time in a long time, im able to see HoN as all those good things it truly is. I've loved HoN Since the first day i played it, some 10 years ago now. But as time passed, HoN got increasingly difficult to love. I will not cite all the all the problems i've had with this game and all of you, but there are many,
  3. oh i figured out how to quote people just now
  4. Fair enough, in the end im complaining about a +10 second nerf, but it's more so that i want to be able to use the item more often. if you lessen the duration and cooldowm you also decrease the backdoor potential. Making each use of geos less effective, so that if the enemies don't react to it it's not as devastating. To get the same "backdoor value" out of it then you'd have to put yourself at risk more often, which increases the chances of you getting picked off when trying to use it to kill towers. Also, if the duration is lower then the illusions have to be spawned closer to the tower to g
  5. I think the item doesn't deserve the nerf it's receiveing (changing the cooldown from 60 to 70 seconds), as simple as that. Generally i feel like in the scenarios when you buy the item it's mostly about the effect, otherwise building towards a dawnbringer, a bola, nullfire, or mby daemonic is simply more bang for your buck. You would for example buy it against keeper of the forest or arachna, to make sure thier ults aren't so impactful. But with the direction it's heading it seems like you have to hold on to the active effect at all times, using it to farm or scout now means you lose o
  6. yes please. Loved that hero. But why can't we just keep both?
  7. 1. make the first two ward of sight available in the shop free, yes FREE. I think supports buying sync + wards leaves little room for regen and utility. 2. Already made a post about this, in which elementuser made it clear that it won't happen... but ill mention it regardless because that would be my dream patch. Replace the actual runes at minute 2 and 4 with refreshment as well. They're too powerful that early on. 3. NERF SNAKE BRACELET. literally 25% damage reduction vs rightclickers for 1,1 k gold. Insane. 4. Add another item other than wingbow that gives evasion. 5.an
  8. The title is the message i recieve when i attempt to click the posts in my notifications, of which there are a few. What exactly am i not allowed to see? it displays the name of the post that the notification is about. For instance "ElementUser quoted you in a topic: Void Talisman bug". I would want to see what that is but it seems im not allowed to. I just wonder why, thanks. Error code: 2F173/K
  9. That is because the hypercrown procs even if you miss, where as fire surge doesn't.
  10. Awesome post, like to see that he community still cherishes this game. That being said, the new player experience is pure garbage :/
  11. dam you actually had me for a second
  12. yes that is precisely my point, so why keep it around for those few scenarios where it literally decides games?
  13. Simply what the title says, i think the very first rune brings too much randomness to the game, that early on even if you know what rune the opponent gets it's simply too imactful. And you can't do anything to prevent it, imagine: opponent in mid guesses rune at min 2, and gets a: DD, now lane is over, either u cannot lane at all because of the kill threat or he will deny every creeps two waves in a row. Haste, an overleveled hero can now get almost guaranteed kills in a sidelane with no way to respond to it. Or a lot of heroes can pose such a kill threat in the midlane with it th
  14. yeah i don't understand why they didn't just revert it
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