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  1. dam you actually had me for a second
  2. yes that is precisely my point, so why keep it around for those few scenarios where it literally decides games?
  3. Simply what the title says, i think the very first rune brings too much randomness to the game, that early on even if you know what rune the opponent gets it's simply too imactful. And you can't do anything to prevent it, imagine: opponent in mid guesses rune at min 2, and gets a: DD, now lane is over, either u cannot lane at all because of the kill threat or he will deny every creeps two waves in a row. Haste, an overleveled hero can now get almost guaranteed kills in a sidelane with no way to respond to it. Or a lot of heroes can pose such a kill threat in the midlane with it th
  4. yeah i don't understand why they didn't just revert it
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