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  1. Hi Sir, for my SEA client in-game username was MCdoNuggets and from (PH) Philippines region. Around late night of June 1, 2020 I tried to play then after logging in then i just found out that my heroes are missing during the hero selection phase of the matchmaking game. After that, I've checked well the others as for my alt avatars, announcers, taunts, etc then everything is missing. but when i check the products purchased on shop its already got a "check mark/purchased". Hopefully they can fix and help me with this, not just me but others as well who loses their purchased products. Looking
  2. HI! Good Day! This is to report regarding the loss of all my heroes, alt avatars, announcers, taunts, and everything that has been purchased through the Shop. Its not just me who got this problem but several players at Garena HON Sea. Its been annoying to play because i cant even use what hero i want as well as all my purchases in-game. Another issue was the matchmaking, after the game ends it was not recorded. Kindly please look unto this and hope to fix it soon. We are counting on someone from the technical team to get notice this issue especially from the garena frostburn team. Hoping to
  3. We cant able to Log-in the GAME. kindly please fix the problem. thank you
  4. Happy HoNanniversary! Been a while HoN! Such a great masterpiece. love those days until now. with love from Philippines!
  5. as well as we, Asians got split with the HoN International. Many players here at SEA but Garena HoN now is for Thai people only. Tech & customer support sucks here you get no help and response at all.How we wish we could play HoN International too.
  6. Hi to all Staff's of HON, can someone kindly please notice the problem here, it's been taking quite sometime now and still we can't able to play from PH & SG servers, we know we aren't the primary region servers for this but still we are players of HON here and we want to play and support as well the game because we really love it. Is it possible to make Casual & Normal matchmaking fuse into one only so number of players queuing will be much more effective and fast as well as the other region/countries in SEA to make all merge into 1 servers across or else let players from SEA able to
  7. Please kindly FIX the Matchmaking servers for PH and SG. It's been 3 days since we cant able to get a match and play. Thank you
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