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  1. Spells don't "aggro" (trigger) the attack of a tower. Arachna's Q included. Arachna was balanced way back by having a slow base movement speed and about 450 or 350 range. For whatever reason that range is again increased back to 600. Personally, I think arachna was fine, 600 range is a bit too powerful IMO.
  2. I believe both of you are trying your best not to be condescending all whilst having word troll in between quotes, although it's an actual word. Topic at hand is not me raging at a bad player but a discussion on how to deal with a troll or a thrower to potentially turn the match around. Bad player and a troll / thrower are completely different things. To eliminate any suspected "common denominator", which judging by your messages, you try to imply, that it's me, I have actually started an account where I play only supporter and act super friendly towards everybody. Guess what? Same, outcome. You talk to people? They troll, you don't talk to them? Same outcome. Unless we are playing different game I'll put it EXACTLY how it is, trolling / griefing in this game exists because of the following reasons: a) ALMOST everybody wants to play a hero that can earn kills, farm easily. Person, who doesn't get to play who he / she wants to will either begin trolling instantly by picking something that's bad for the team or by messing up the lanes. Every match begins with mid / short lane pre-called. Supporter roles feel too much like a chore, slavery hence very few people want to play it. It's not very rewarding. b) A player dies, out of frustration, thinks it's allied player's fault and starts trolling c) Farm / Kill stolen either intentionally or unintentionally d) Not getting the desired lane f) Playing bad, getting called out for it To me it seems like you are discussing situation f), which quiet honestly to me had very little impact on the outcome of the match as usually bad player is going to cost the match regardless of whether you engage that player or not. A bad player playing bad is completely different from a decent player playing bad intentionally which is the topic at hand rather than the prior. Are there any tricks to winning matches with a troll on your team besides /ic or /ignore ? Again, I am not talking about trash talking a bad player. Obviously that won't make bad player play any better. How do you win if you get 2 junglers, 2 people going mid, 4 carries, etc. We are talking HoN here, come on. Should I just leave in such cases and start a new game? Nowadays I don't feel like wasting 1 hour of my time, ruining the mood for an obvious outcome of the match but losing some additional score points for leaving, also increasing leaver %. It pains me to the bone, because I love HoN, but to me and to many people I spoke to (who left HoN) this was one of the main reasons for leaving. Nothing was ever done to prevent people from trolling (trust me on this, I've been here since Zephyr had a leap, way back in closed beta). I wonder if something can still be done or it's too late for HoN?
  3. HoN made me want to be reborn as nomad IRL after 1.5k+ matches as nomad. HoN made me refer to accumulation of anything as farming. I farm $ IRL. HoN made me realize that I can remember spells for more than 100 heroes but fail to remember any important IRL info. HoN made me an elitist ...and I love every second of it. To 10 more years of gg ez, cc15 and "u 1500 nub"! Even my home doesn't feel as much of a home as HoN does. I grew up with HoN, I will die with HoN. Bury me with all my alt avatars and alt accounts. Thank you!
  4. But the problem that you're describing has everything to do with bad lanes that your team made rather than any issues with the game itself. You shouldn't be soloing as sil vs pris + midas. It's autoloss. Blame your team However, I do agree that HoN is unforgiving. But hey, that's HoN, some people think it's what makes it unique. I used to play it for how hardcore it is, now I'm beginning to fall in love with things that make game easier, like the EXP tome book for example. Easier also means more players and I think that's exactly what HoN could use.
  5. madclay

    Ownership of HoN

    Thank you, that answers my question. Oh, and ElementUser didn't mean to offend you. Just seems weird that a moderator is now taking care of the game. I remember you back in like 2014 still being a moderator. So no, it's definitely not early 2010. I like people who actually play the game to make important decisions that impact the game. But that's just me. I played with Maliken a few times, seemed like a cool fellow, actually was very aware about the game and its quirks. Anyhow, doesn't matter much. Just was curious if Garena owned the game, which would explain the shift towards supporting CIS players over EU / US.
  6. Hello, coming back to HoN I have noticed that average length of a match has increased tremendously. I remember some time ago, plenty of updates were made in attempts to try and shorten the average span of a match. However, matches are now longer than ever. I am closing to average match length of 40 minutes after having 100 matches played. Why is that so? Now it's extremely common for match to go over an hour. People just get bored and start trolling. Are there any planned updates to touch on this? Update: I just had 2 more ~1 hour matches both of which outcome was clear by about 30 minutes into the game. Was kept hostage by a team who both refused to participate as well as refused to concede the match.
  7. Hello, Playing this game since closed beta I know that HoN is notorious for having the most toxic community which is both a positive thing and a negative thing. I would like to start a friendly discussion on how people deal with trolls and throwers in this game? Personally, just like any other commoner, I rage at them, let them have a taste of their own medicine then they report me and I get banned. Actually, I have never been banned before until I started to play HoN again recently. Now I'm banned on 3 accounts after having played more than 20k matches, because apparently unless you flame someone in russian it's a bannable offense nowadays. By the looks of it people can flame you as long as it's in russian and they won't get banned. Although, I do understand the human factor behind it (most likely few GMs understand russian?) So please, share me your wisdom how do have a match on european servers without pulling your hair out? I apologize if my post has any negative vibes to it. I just want to play hardcore HoN and win without having to deal with trolls and people bullying me. P.S A legit question, would you rather have a non-fun 1 hour long match where people troll you and you're still trying your best or would you rather troll as revenge and have a bit more fun of a match?
  8. Hello, can anybody tell me who currently owns HoN? Is it Garena or? I saw staff referring to garena. Also what happened with moderator ElementUser becoming the main staff?
  9. Bump. Any update to this? Cosmetics are your main income with this game. Don't you want to fix it? It's a quick UI change. Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to do unless you have UI hardcoded in some weird way.
  10. Before the game UI update custom profile icons in stats page used to be displayed of bigger size. When I set a custom profile icon (1000 silver coins!) it looks so small now. People now won't take me seriously, as I can't display my favorite customized icons, such as "Man Up Son!" and "Y U NO POT ME?!". Can something be done about it? Honestly, I felt quite disappointed after working on my new icon for a long time. Thank you.
  11. Before the game UI update custom profile icons in stats page used to be displayed of bigger size. When I set a custom profile icon (1000 silver coins!) it looks so small now. People now won't take me seriously, as I can't display my favorite customized icons, such as "Man Up Son!" and "Y U NO POT ME?!". Can something be done about it? Honestly, I felt quite disappointed after working on my new icon for a long time. Thank you.
  12. Warding and dying trying is what I call poor awareness of enemy position and I am guilty of feeling mad when a fellow supporter does that or any player in that matter. If you died warding your ward is most likely going to be counter warded. As I read your message I keep thinking to myself, that my view on what distinguishes HoN from other DotA inspired games is completely different. It definitely is subjective. For me it's all about the feeling of fluidity, smoothness that you don't get with Dota 2 or LoL. Second is color scheme, it just feel darker, more mature, sets you in different mood for some hardcore HoN action, baby! I think you are trying to make my suggestion seem difficult to implement. I imagine it as this: A ward is spawned every X seconds for every player. Ward spawns in the additional 2 slot inventory (if there is space) or in stash. A message appears on the screen (just like X spell is ready messages that are already there) that a ward has spawned. Additionally OR instead a shinning light animation going in square could appear around the spawned ward icon, easily getting the attention of a player. To sum it up, in my mind it would be an update to logic and creation of some simple animation, which could definitely be an already existing one. Obviously there are already different types of animations or coloring for items, used as indicators. So that wouldn't be inventing something new or introducing a new UI element. Agreeing with @grandmont, to me supporting always felt like there is too much one-sided sacrifice involved. Supporting shouldn't be about sacrifice, it should be about using your skills to help the team, not be a slave for the team. Although, again, this is a completely different topic!
  13. This is exactly what's wrong with HoN's balance mentality. People assume that every player knows everything. Trying to attract new players it will hurt big time. How someone, new to the game, who never bought a single ward in their lives is going to know that one exists? Or what it does? New players usually buy +X stat items rather than 100g consumables. Imagine you just started playing the game, picked a supporter and your team is raging at you for not buying wards. This player due to peer pressure might start buying wards leaving one with no gold and low chances of survival. The same player will die a lot and leave the game never to be seen again. Remedies for this could have been easily applied ages ago (ehm, removing capability of certain heroes to kill other heroes from a ranged distance in two spell combo on level 6 could be a great improvement, too. Probably the biggest balance problem of a decade, never really addressed. Again, completely other topic). However, if you gave each player one for free every X seconds this way every player could get to know what wards do. In some places HoN is trying too hard to remain "hardcore". This comes from a closed beta player. With over 20k matches. In some places it works, in others it doesn't make much sense. Pretty much everybody wants to play heroes who "get kills" or are easy to farm with, rarely do people want to play pure supporters. Part of the reason being very few people want to be a personal "ward h*e" for the entire team, spending most of their gold on wards ending up being squishy and usually dying a lot. Then all the rage begins and nobody can have a fun game. tl;dr partially as long as wards cost money ALMOST every match will begin with "im mid, im short lane carry, im jungle". Had supporters more gold left from not having to buy wards they could buy more items improving their chances of having fewer deaths, getting more assists, more kills. Leaving there fewer reasons for people to rage about. A win-win situation.
  14. But we are talking about balance, not personal preference. Removing the item completely would leave both teams on the fair side. On the other hand, each player could get a ward every X amount of time for free. There are countless ways to balance this. This way carry players could learn the importance of wards as well. Win-Win situation
  15. If people want to troll with wards, they troll regardless of their cost. Just remove wards all together. That would make it fair to both sides. Leave just the rev wards. Another topic is, dust (200g) costs too much. As a supporter I'd rather buy 2 rev wards than dust. Cooldown is a big letdown.
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