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  1. Fine, well how about a second layer of protection. Let whoever queue for wherever. But allow players to opt out of "pinger" games. Maximum liberty for all. People can choose to suffer through 400ms ping and ruin games and others can choose not to play with that breed of human. Just a big checkbox under the server list. "I'M OKAY WITH HAVING A BAD TIME"
  2. Hey all, Did a quick Ctrl + F and didn't find it, but I have no doubt this has been suggested before. As an Australian server player, every game I play will have between 2 and 6 players who have ended up on AUS servers by accident with 300 to 500ms ping. This results in the first 5 minutes of every game with remake votes, people typing furiously back and forth in various languages -- ultimately ending up in a ruined game for one or both teams. During the asset load phase, once the regions have been selected, you must implement a ping check for the selected servers. If your con
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