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  1. Anytime game ends and you press Disconnect button you can no longer report someone. Any other options?
  2. Dear Santy Claws! @`Shattered This year for Christmas, I am sending my letter to the north pole asking for Samuel Jackson Uncensored announcer! I have wanted it for many many years, every time i bought gold coins though, there was always another shiny avatar to buy! Thank you Santy Claws!
  3. Sorry...there are some with the hero title and some not, not sure why you have to be so rude.
  4. Appreciate these are free, much obliged. But just feels like a weird choice not to put the name of the hero in the title of the post. Like I have to really click each and every one to find one for a hero we like?
  5. can i not have this mod and another accursed mod at same time so i can choose the one i want?
  6. Umm but it does affect me. I think I am a better judge of how MMR and matchmaking affect me in a game I play and have played since it came out no?
  7. Any chance we can get a mod to hide MMR? it stresses me out to worry about MMR when i just want to have fun in Midwars, if i could hide it including my own, i would love all of you, Ill even pay for it.
  8. This file is not a s2z file...it downloads as a file called heroes and then there is files inside of it...
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