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  1. As a potential carry, Riptide lacks proper scalability in his kit. My SotM suggestion provides some scalability and farming utility to open up avenues for carry roles. Here is my suggestion: Riptide In My Element- Staff of the Master effect addition (new):* Gains cleave while on water.* Increases agility while on water: 20 + 30%/45%/60%/75% Agility* Maximum number of puddles increased to 3/4/5/6, with cast range of 1000.
  2. War Beast's SotM effect is problematic for 3 reasons: Routinely obsolete - The effect becomes completely useless while WB is transformed. It literally does nothing. Decaying value - During mid/late game, the ult's cooldown becomes shorter, causing SotM's effect to have even less value as WB will be transformed more often. Lack of synergy - Aside from bonus HP, the SotM effect provides mostly offensive bonuses when War Beast needs to be the most defensive (ultimate on cooldown). Here is my suggestion: War Beast Metamorphosis - Staff of the Master effect change
  3. Off-topic, but is there any difference between posting in the Suggestions forum and the 'Community Dream Patch' thread? Just wondering, thanks!
  4. Hi, just wanted to pitch two small quality of life suggestions: Suggestion 1: When scout has staff of the master, his ult's leap cannot be shift-queued because the skill doesn't go on cooldown until after the channel finishes. Can a right click function be added to the skill to automatically cast the leap OR can the leap activation be placed on another key to allow it to be shift-queued? Suggestion 2: Allow Electric Eye to be double activated to detonate an eye immediately at scout's location.
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