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  1. yes just use it everyone. it solved my issue.
  2. reduce hag ult cooldown so not everyone goes for staff of master. 135sec on level 2 and level 3 is just too long.
  3. Calamity 3rd skill always disturb last hitting which is annoying. if we can cancel it to make it not works on creep that will be better.
  4. people not hate change. people hate imbalance.
  5. Armor of the mad mage also does 21.9% Spell Damage against non-hero units and it does more magic damage if enermy has no Shaman's or Mysitc vestments. But it does less damage when enermy has Shaman's. The designer of the game clearly made spellshards for counter shaman's .But lets have a look. Savage Mace cost 4800 to counter Wingbow which cost 5700. Spellshards cost 3800 to counter Shaman's which cost only 2050? If you say Spell does Spell Damage against non-hero units which helps u farm faster, but Armor of the mad mage also does. Hero with only one magic aoe skill spe
  6. The one when im Legion and pulling HB creeps to legion top lane. ( the creeps will go back and not following me ) it is more difficult.You can test on practice mode. ( i wanted to pull the creeps like the picture not above picture 1 ) it is not balanced for legion side when you are playing suicide.
  7. Its hard to pull creep on legion side ,but easy to pull creep on hellbound side. i know it can still pull the creep on the right way , but sometimes it will fail. especially when you play suicide warbeast you have to keep pull creeps , it is annoying. FB can you fix this map issue for garena players?
  8. who is midwar player? i dont play midwar btw.
  9. when you have only recipe , it displayed as you have the item.
  10. not gonna play anymore until they buff spellshards. ridiculous all i can say.
  11. sry , a peb player just told me he wont get spellshards anymore .
  12. just played 2 games pyro and bubbles, spellshards is totally useless now. hard to get early and expensive much more. the reality is that the 10% Spell Damage against non-hero units doesnt help u farm faster at all. my game is ruined so hard becoz the nerf of spellshards .becoz i play only mid int heroes. GG FB.
  13. yes , FB reduce the recipe cost pls. imo 625 is decent.
  14. There are plenty of ways to decrease magic armor but very few ways to actually increase it. : becoz you can only do limited magic skills but unlimited autoattacks.thats why magic armor do not stack. why should Spellshards be cheaper and more effective than Armor of the Mad Mage, a 4200 gold item? : becoz it grant yourself 60 Armor that tapers off over 6 seconds as it says and the - magic armor effect is an aura meanning it does to everyone from ur team.
  15. how do you know "we" cant understand properly the game? PERPETUAL COGWHEEL which cost 1325 is not "cheap" than 450+325+800, becoz u die sometimes and u lost money and you dont get the stats earlier in another way. and which weaker farming item for 2,9k?
  16. becoz 2575 was more expensive than 2050. becoz Shaman's is too cheap and too good. which hero?
  17. becoz Shaman's is everywhere and its cheaper , that is why we need a item to counter it.
  18. i agree with u. Skill E just too weak. please make it - Passive: Nitro gains 20/30/40/50 Movement Speed.
  19. thx a lot , i didnt know that. i thought items have their priority.
  20. example 1: Im in a middle of a game. I was half HP, I bought a health postion ( several item on the stash and 1 item slot left ) and i want to use it on myself. But courrier passed all other items to me except the health postion. example 2: Im in a middle of a game. I bought my Shrunken Head ( Hatchet on stash and 1 item slot left ) and i want the courierr pass me my SH. But until the next team fight end i finnaly realize i dont have my SH i have only my hatchet and thats cause me lost the team fight. FB pls make the courrier better.
  21. Anyone know how to get the Login Rewards 200 Silver Coins ? My silver coins still the same.
  22. you can still use Mod to see other player's MMR.
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