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  1. please be nice , hes trying to help, he has no power.
  2. the player wont do that again if you banned his main account, he only want get 2085 mastery score.
  3. hes doing it for like 6month alrdy and no punished, hes famous avoid afk player on garena alrdy. garena has to do something to him. i have posted on garenahonsea facebook group but sadly no one cares about it, no GM there.
  4. no he use some kind of robot doing it for him , we know him. hes on a group with us and he told us that.
  5. This guy uses cheat everyday to avoid afk to farming his mastery score, the cheat will keep moving him so he can avoid afk ( also feeding ). I swear he is the most disgusting player i have ever seen in my life and he deserves forever ban. can someone report to garena pls.
  6. yes just use it everyone. it solved my issue.
  7. reduce hag ult cooldown so not everyone goes for staff of master. 135sec on level 2 and level 3 is just too long.
  8. Calamity 3rd skill always disturb last hitting which is annoying. if we can cancel it to make it not works on creep that will be better.
  9. people not hate change. people hate imbalance.
  10. Armor of the mad mage also does 21.9% Spell Damage against non-hero units and it does more magic damage if enermy has no Shaman's or Mysitc vestments. But it does less damage when enermy has Shaman's. The designer of the game clearly made spellshards for counter shaman's .But lets have a look. Savage Mace cost 4800 to counter Wingbow which cost 5700. Spellshards cost 3800 to counter Shaman's which cost only 2050? If you say Spell does Spell Damage against non-hero units which helps u farm faster, but Armor of the mad mage also does. Hero with only one magic aoe skill spe
  11. The one when im Legion and pulling HB creeps to legion top lane. ( the creeps will go back and not following me ) it is more difficult.You can test on practice mode. ( i wanted to pull the creeps like the picture not above picture 1 ) it is not balanced for legion side when you are playing suicide.
  12. Its hard to pull creep on legion side ,but easy to pull creep on hellbound side. i know it can still pull the creep on the right way , but sometimes it will fail. especially when you play suicide warbeast you have to keep pull creeps , it is annoying. FB can you fix this map issue for garena players?
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