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  1. Match ID: 159154684 Community Avatar Set Sileena (Silhouette) -> AssasinNeco Voodoo Raptor (Voodoo Jester) -> Littman Patchwork Devourer -> locakato Santa Midas -> steffz0r MSIvy Slither -> Tricko Don't mind Midas, he has a thing to sell all his items at the end of the game ?
  2. This was my birthday cake and cupcakes. ? ? ? And here you can see me and my friends: @Kalashnjikov, @Duke_Rajko, @Cira, @Tricko, @dushajni, @ladovina, @BaTa_R, @mastashiki ?️ Everyone in this picture is a HoN player, except the ladies, Che Guevara and bar personnel ?
  3. @TehNubZar thanks for asking. I move my screen the basic way, moving mouse to the edges of the screen. I saw some streamers clicking mouse wheel and dragging to move camera. Also I know some people that move camera using keys (A,S,D,W) and cast spells with (1,2,3,4) which is maybe their WOW habit. I was also using CTRL+Q/W/E/R to level up skills, (I think I got that from Zlapped), but now I am using that for Self-Cast that u showed me, since that is more important for me.
  4. I know, but topic here is Smart Casting. U cannot do double click while using Smart Cast, you need to bind a specific button to do that. It's Self-Casting.
  5. TehNubZar, thank you so much for sharing your setup, you gave me a great idea. But I have a habit since Warcraft/Starcraft/Dota1 to select my hero with 1. And also with your hotkeys we lose selecting of additional unites (minions, Dominated Neutrals) with 2, 3. So I will set my Self-Cast like: ctrl+Q ctrl+W ctrl+E ctrl+R also I will try your suggestion couple of matches. I'll see how it goes... Cheers!
  6. In teamfights I focus on enemies, and yes it always can happen to miss a spell, but with Smart Cast I think you can be more precise, because you press ability key, position cursor over enemy, and release the key. In Normal Casting you would need to also click the mouse button, which could lead to unintentionally moving a mouse and missing a spell. And now that I think of it again, problem with Smart Casting with heroes and abilities I mentioned above, is also when you are chasing or running away from someone. Its hard to click on yourself while running, than just running and double cl
  7. Do you guys use Smart Casting Ability? I really like using it, although it takes a lot of time to get used to it, you can cast abilities much quicker and precise. Only downside is that you cannot cast abilities on yourself with shortcut (double click the ability). Good examples are Jereziah (Q,W) | Blitz (E) | Martyr (W) | Monarch (W) | Electrician (R)... Is there a way to overcome this without switching off Smart Casting, or finding and clicking on myself in massive team fight?
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