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  1. Magebane is fine as is. I dont see any problem with him at all.
  2. Skrap is build up around his vorax all his dialogue is focused around him aswel so removing vorax would be silly. Right now vorax is only used as a split push / farming tool. Which does not help the team. because you are removing the farm from your team on that lane you send the vorax without getting the full gold gain from the creeps he kills. I would suggest making vorax smaller and weaker but controlable. This would make him so much more fun to play. This would also give skrap the option to farm the jungle/lane better instead of thoughtlessly sending vorax down some lane to get a
  3. I agree nomad is underperforming atm but i would rather have him in this stage he is now than before the nerf he got when he was a snowballing machine. Maby its just we are still used to him being overpowered so now he feels weak.
  4. Some of the items in the shop are in low resolution or looks blurry. Such as the 3+ intelligence item and the +6 str item. also more but i cant remember which ones Not sure if this bug is just happening for me but since i changed to 64bit i have this little visual bug or what ever to call it
  5. nutsy


    maby give an option in settings to remove it instantly if you dont need it. I found that it does help with that once per game 8 sec screen freeze so im happy with it
  6. when we try to connect to a new game we get the notorious no response from server. this happens about 5 times before we can succesfully connect to a game
  7. just remove that hero form the game man.. it has caused so much trouble and arguments over the years.
  8. How about you remove the activation of the item and just increase the passive magic dmg lifesteal. I feel like the activation is a hassle to pull of correctly but thats just me that needs to "get good" maby..
  9. Grave locket dosnt assemble for some people after buying all the "ingredients" On Gauntlets tooltip it says that if you buy staff of the master his ulti's cooldown will go down but it stays exactly the same
  10. it seems like the "no response" issue is gone now but idk it still feels like there is some trouble for people connecting into the match
  11. Hello since the latest update i and many other have had trouble connecting to a found match. "we often get the response" "no response from server" ive never sene this message pop up before this patch. Im sure im no the only one who have experienced this from chatting in the HoN 1 channel its alot of people with the same issue.
  12. There is nothing wrong with jeraziah you guys just need to get good. and the people who fail with him as a semi carry i can only say the same to them. Get good
  13. Sandwraith is fine as is. just get good
  14. After finding a match it stop loading and it says lost connection to server this happens 3-5 times after entering the queue this has been happening alot since the new update.
  15. Could you make it so russians only can play on their own servers? I think im speaking of behalf of 99% of the EU player base that we are really tired of having these russians on our team yelling russian profanity in mic every second without saying a single coherent english sentence. Thank you.
  16. Im not a fat of dumbing down the game even further. Wards should be somthing you buy carefully and place carefully not somthing you just put all over the map for free. It also makes it insanely easy for the carry to farm freely at anytime and make ganking nearly impossible without buying veiled rott
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