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  1. So, i've been directed to post my error i'm getting on linux here by @Manu311 ./hon-x86_64: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libharfbuzz.so.0: undefined symbol: FT_Done_MM_Var This is what the terminal says, running Manjaro, latest updates.
  2. Thanks, so the community and the game isn't dead after all. Also, i think i'll have to make a dual boot config, as i can't figure out how to fix some errors, i managed to fix some of em, but they keep coming -,-
  3. Thank you man, i'll check it out immediately.
  4. Well, i just finished installing the game as of right now, and making the final preparations, if it doesn't work, i will prepare a dual boot environment with Windows 7.
  5. Isn't that kind of a bold claim, to call this game the best MOBA? I was a pretty die hard fan of DOTA2 and hated LOL from the bottom of my heart and after a few years i started playing that too, around 600-700 hours at this time and after that i played a bit of Heroes Of The Storm too, which i liked but haven't sinked nowhere near as many hours in it and honestly i don't think i can choose one over the others because all of them do thing differently. Also, what about the linux compatibility?
  6. So, i just found out today about this game, and as a long time MOBA player(tho i still kind of suck), i think it looks interesting and i want to give it a shot. Now, after looking for info and general stuff about the game, from the outside it seems kind of dead, i don't know if that's actually the truth or not, so maybe you guys can clear that one out for me. Is it still worth getting into this game, if so, what do i have to expect, veterans?, the inability to find matches? No matter the outcome, i'll still give it a shot nonetheless. Also does it still run on linux, or can i run it t
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