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  1. @ElementUser in the last week before the closure, will there be any kind of special event or anything? Would it be possible to make Midwars with Duplicate Heroes? Not in the Public games section, but in the official Midwars game mode. I don't know if the players remember, but back in the day when public games were a thing, sometimes you would join a MW with some custom modes and Duplicate Heroes was one of them. Man was that fun as heck, having like 3 TB in the team, or 3 Devo.
  2. If it weren't owned by Garena, sure I'd pay.
  3. Modify Shrunken Head like you did with Talisman. If you can't have 100% physical immunity, why would you have magic immunity? If more than 2 members have SH, and the enemy is magic dmg, it's kinda game over sometimes.
  4. I think that Sandwraith illusions are fuked up. They just stand there, doing nothing. They're useless, or did my settings change in some way?
  5. But wouldn't that make the item useless? I would add some costs of having that life steal, in the form of getting % more damage while the effect lasts. Or make it give less life steal and make it level up 3 times?
  6. Maybe make it so as to limit the Codex to one item/team. Or make it so that those heroes mentioned above, to receive a % penalty in damage for using Codex. Either that or reduce the 800 dmg to something more fairplay. But I would also add Thunderbringer, Pyro, Blacksmith as heroes who benefit greatly from this item. Now, would you think of nerfing Symbol of Rage? It's incredible how high the amount of heal that item provides.
  7. Try playing some Midwars instead. It's not all sunshine and happiness, but you might find SOME quality. I gave up on Caldavar a long time ago for the same reasons you brought up. I only play a game or two if I need a bigger amount of silver, to buy an avatar I want. I wish they would improve upon Midwars and make it somewhat of a main part of the game, not just "a quickie", if you know what I mean. When the servers went down last week, everyone went to Public Games, and man was it fun. I created a Midwars game with duplicate heroes. Yeah, 2 Devo in our team, 2 Flint in the enemy
  8. I would ban Shadowblade too. That stun is soo good. SB was good before, tanky as fuck. Now he's just way too good in MW.
  9. Yeah. Why don't they give him 1000 range from the start of the game, passive crit, teleport instead of Q and invisibility....
  10. I had an SD game, yesterday I think, and our Ophelia had 26 kills after the match ended, us winning. But I agree with you, AR is more challenging because it makes you, sometimes, play something you wouldn't usually play. However, having most of your team not accustomed to their heroes, along with the enemy having gotten some good RNG, equals a really shitty match. Which your mates don't want to concede.
  11. And when RNG gives the enemy team Flint, Devo, Prisoner, MoA, etc... such fun.
  12. I stopped playing FoC when all I had were players not wanting to play as a team. Too many lost games, one after another, too much shit making the map not fun at all. I don't mind losing if I had fun, almost equal chances like the enemy. Long ago they tried to make Midwars hero stats different to FoC, but changed them back due to learning curve of new players. Why don't they apply this to the items as well? Jade Spire, Icon of the Goddess, Grave locket. Midwars is already a fast paced, imbalanced mode.
  13. Would it be better if Banning Phase in Midwars would be RNG and not by players? I mean, SD mode RNG sometimes gives the enemy team the perfect setup and it doesn't seem quite fair, however, it's RNG. OR Ban Devo/Flint/Prisoner and other high % banned heroes by players, on a weekly basis: 1 week auto-banned , 1 week auto-cannot-ban. Or something like that. Just a thought, don't throw yourselves at my neck.
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