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  1. I stopped playing FoC when all I had were players not wanting to play as a team. Too many lost games, one after another, too much shit making the map not fun at all. I don't mind losing if I had fun, almost equal chances like the enemy. Long ago they tried to make Midwars hero stats different to FoC, but changed them back due to learning curve of new players. Why don't they apply this to the items as well? Jade Spire, Icon of the Goddess, Grave locket. Midwars is already a fast paced, imbalanced mode.
  2. Would it be better if Banning Phase in Midwars would be RNG and not by players? I mean, SD mode RNG sometimes gives the enemy team the perfect setup and it doesn't seem quite fair, however, it's RNG. OR Ban Devo/Flint/Prisoner and other high % banned heroes by players, on a weekly basis: 1 week auto-banned , 1 week auto-cannot-ban. Or something like that. Just a thought, don't throw yourselves at my neck.
  3. Are you serious with that Adrenaline pull skill? Seems way too good, way too easy.
  4. I would like Jade Spire to give 250 range, like in Caldavar. Why modify items in Midwars, but not heroes (and offer the explanation regarding learning curve). Make the items the same as Caldavar. I'd like to see something done about Artilery's 1800-2000 skill range. That thing is too good. Deadlift has too much survivability, he's too much of a good tank. Jerezaiah ... I miss the days when this hero was a good support. I just don't like his E, it feels too good.
  5. The predator nerf is like non-existent. It's not even felt.
  6. I see team-mates that queue as friends (2-3) and we still lose. :)) The only solution I see is to pick a somewhat OP hero and go with that. Like in the old days when people would insta-pick Deadlift. I did try him once, trying to go pusher-tank but... when you don't have team-mates to back you up, it just doesn't matter at some point.
  7. I mostly choose support, but my last game I tried to be bold and took Flint....my team was...no words. I will move permanently to Midwars.
  8. Indeed but when you personally have 0/0/0 and the enemy has already 10-0, what can I improve. I ha really bad luck with sh!t games. ?
  9. Is it just me, or the quality of the Caldavar games has dropped abysmally low. I can't say I am a god of a player, I do try my best, but geez have these games become complete and utter sh!t. From random d/c to rage quits or people choosing to solo in a mini-multiplayer. I have 7 wins and 19 losses. Every single game there has to be something that goes terribly wrong. There's no quality in people anymore, no competition (I don't mind losing to good adversaries). I don't aspire leveling to Platinum or whatever, but there is not a reason at all to play Caldavar, except for the 25
  10. - Nerf Symbol of Rage - I don't care if Bola can counter it, sometimes people don't understand they have to buy Bola; and if the enemy has 3 Symbol's.... again, try to make 3 Bola's; - Illusions should do 0 damage, unless they are from a Hero's skill, NOT rune or item; - Artilery's range is way to high;
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