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  1. Play with the settings, set on directx, update your drivers (every driver, not only video card), repair or reinstall.
  2. Hello, i tried and i don't know if i made it right the avatar but it doesn't show in mod manager, i already created "mods" folder inside the game folder and if i put any other .honmod avatars works, they are showed but mine none, any ideea why this issue occurs? below is my avatar (can't tested because it doesn't show in mod manager) https://www120.zippyshare.com/v/mMIYj6Xd/file.html https://imgur.com/a/QXt3Oh0 I already tried the "refresh mod display" Mod manager version :
  3. I tried to buy Gold Coins via in-game and web-site but in the end i receive error and tell me to contact customer support, any ideea why i receive this error?
  4. Hello, today i noticed i can't change the "select server" area into browse or automatic, it stay gray out fixed on practice, any fix for this?
  5. Ok, thanks and about unreal engine games, i need to have games installed and extract them, right?
  6. Thanks, i like something like whysoserious (sorry if i spell your name wrong) that did the anime style from no game no life. Do you have any ideea where i can find games like this? that support the respective tools.
  7. Hello, I am a new player and i see people making custom avatars, my question is : How do you make them, from where you get the models,animations and stuff to import in hon?
  8. Hello, i try to invite my friend in my party and i receive this https://imgur.com/a/0vX97LT we both are level 1, we must reach level 5 to get "verified" and after we can play?
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