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  1. what are cheat commands? how to increase gold and level for example how to play a practice with friends, i tried creating using the commands above with cheats set to true, but i dont know how to get extra gold or level etc
  2. download blender 2.78b and extract the the zip file into the addon folder.
  3. Thanks alot for your reply, sorry for asking here, i thought this thread is suitable for my question since it is recent and talking about using HoN models in 3dsmax.
  4. Hey, can i get a link to the exporter importer addon? and does it work for the newest version of blender?
  5. hey everyone, i was wondering if there is a way to convert HoN 3d models format into something popular like fbx/obj so i can play with em and use them in my renders with reference to the game of (if thats ok) Thanks in advance
  6. Hey, I was wondering where can i find the new loading screen images such as the new world tree image to be exact. I'm planning to replicate it on blender so I need it as a reference. any help would be appreciated.
  7. removing the HP regen is fine, but it is a bit strong , dividing it to 3 stacks will work fine, maintaining the item potential also giving the opponent the chance to consider HP regen items. or reduce the effect if the magic damage is DoT. 75% is just too much considering the length of the DoT on some heroes
  8. i think Spellsunder needs to be debufffed, it is very overwhelming against HP regen-depended heroes f.e: ra. spending 10k gold to get heart, shaman and HOBL just to be useless against a slither with a sunder, it makes me absolutely impact-less. I suggest making it stacks, each spell usages stacks a debuff on the enemy and each stack reduces HP regen by 10% or something until it reaches its normal value. this way the enemy should focus me with multiple spells to assure the full effect which is my job to do as a tank, to tank ? also maintaining the potential of HP regen items.
  9. Yo welcome back, add me, i use the same forum account to play
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