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  1. --- I´m sure someone will eventually figure it out, how to create a localhost game and maybe, just maybe also possible for others to join. Tested some and, you can create a shortcut of Hon exe and add extra options to target field, like: "-manager" or "-dedicated". Both have same effect of creating localhost dedicated server. Although adding manager, will open server manager to where you have to type "connect localhost" to create it. Haven´t managed to create and connect to localhost game yet though.
  2. Bit sad to see this great game go. This was first Moba game i started to play and it just felt right game to be. Off topic: It has been quite a time ago, but i would say around year of 2012, there was circulating in web a localhost hon client, which you could play in Lan and with others over Hamachi (was fun, although every client could edit item and buyback costs live). Haven´t really searched is it still out there somewhere. As Hon servers are now going down. Could it be possible to remove in-game login page somehow (or assign custom login details in localhost) and still play this ga
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