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  1. Wow, 10 years... I started playing in 2011, when I was at the lowest point of my life, I had nothing. Quite literally my only possession was a laptop I had gotten for my birthday. I randomly discovered HoN, got hooked and spent hours and hours and hours playing day and night, it was the one way I had to forget it all and really get immersed in something else. I introduced one of my roommates to it and we would play together all night long with our shitty laptops and terrible connection in the 1200s bracket. Not a cent in my pocket but honest to god the best nights of my life and some unforgettable laughs. Today I'm a new person, I've recovered and moved on, I have a job, I'm a functioning adult. I still play and always will until they shut off the last server, then I'll play with bots. I know it's just a game but I have some great memories tied to it and I associate it to life events in my head. I remember when I started playing free heroes would rotate, and you had to purchase them individually to unlock them. Plague Rider was the most recommended one for beginners because it only cost 90 silver IIRC and it was a very simple and solid hero. What a nostalgia trip. Apologies for the cringey rant and have a great HoNiversary everyone. I'll play till my eyes bleed
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