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  1. any positive news gentlemen? about servers, any possible sale of the hon to some other company...
  2. Any good news? Are we really going to lose Hon? no good soul to save the hon from extinction? Garena please, what does it cost to leave the servers active, is it that expensive to keep only the servers active? so many failed games like warcraft3, wow private servers, ragnarok, manage to keep themselves... Freefire generates millions for Garena, which is hard to share the cents with Hon..
  3. hon is an incredible moba, who never had a company that knew how to treat him... I hope he really gets sold to some smaller developer... at least so we can have fun... we can't just bury a game as amazing as this... all avatars referencing characters... blitz = sonic, scout = assassins screed gauntlet = one punch man berseck = mario taunts, announcements... hon has something that no other moba has... which are these fun references... Please, we can't just let this go away...
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