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  1. Its almost like you are illiterate and cant comprehend what I wrote. You just reiterated what I said, its the worst community. "huuurrr duuurrr how can you say this is the worst community when its the same community on LoL and DotA 2 and they are toxic also" That doesnt change the fact its a horrible community! Did I say HoN? No I said this community learn to read. Doesn't matter what game people play its the same community. Can you even see how redundant what you just said is? Jesus christ Goose when I played with you long ago you def weren't this stupid. I could solo que out of 1
  2. I will just assume you cant read if that's what you got out of what I said. When I was playing this game every day from 2008-2015 I averaged about a 60% win rate in the 1800's bracket topping out around 1950. Seldom to never touched it after they added the lame league rip off rank system and hid the MMR of players. I play maybe at most 5-6 games a year now. Even at the start of season when I place gold after placements then push diamond with how long I quit in between rank decay puts me back in silver anyways. Playing this game alone is a miserable experience, that's why the game is de
  3. Steam wont buy this steaming pile, they wouldn't in 2008 and they wont now. Everyone wants to complain about the dwindling player base but no one accepts why. This is the absolute single worst community I've ever played in during my 23 years of playing online games. This is the first time I've checked the forums in a little over a year and maybe play 2-3 games a year and am instantly reminded of why I quit. Everyone I knew quit long ago and the only time this game was worth playing was when it was region locked. Unless you were a 2k player you needed comms and when your mid died at
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