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  1. I'm up for the party! ^^
  2. It's nice of you all to hear such stories, it just shows how much this game means to people. I like how the people who started playing it when it first came out never actually stopped enjoying it. This game helped me through some of the most difficult periods of my life and for that sole purpose I will stay loyal to it until it dies. Now I just play this game for fun but back in the days I would be so stressed about that damn MMR. xD I think that in general people play it for fun nowadays and the community itself became more chill. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it was only because of me, but that's t
  3. It is hard to believe but in May 12 there will be a Honiversary! This not being the regular one, we will be celebrating 10 years of HoN. How do you guys feel about it? I am nostalgic for sure but how do you feel about it? We came a long way guys, kudos to everyone still playing this game since the day one. Those boys at Garena better be making some serious changes cause HoN is getting older and bigger. ? Greetings to all of mine loyal Newearthians, may you celebrate this HoNiversary in peace and good health!
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