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  1. I was fighting for this cause for many years. It ends on 2 forum bans of my account. I gave up. Now I only care about... how to sustain mw exactly how it is and prevent fb making mw like caldavar or bridgewar. I feel the same. Mw is best mode and this is future of moba. Fb doesn't understand how precious is this mode. Orienting game on pure pvp is gold. This should be main mode. This is fresh on the market. There was very interesting balance attempt for mw which was not harmful for caldavar experience. Balance was only for attributes. Some op heroes had lower attributes incremental.
  2. If you mentioned high mmr bracket feeding which is uncommon, there are few explanations. Guy is feeding on purpose and you can't do anything with that. Fb, hon, mw... nothing and no one is responsible for that. Troll has this state of mind and you have to overcome. Guy is sacrifice himself because he knows the hidden truth about midwar. Mw is about team's hp vs team's hp and he is trying to make advantage for rest of your team. Guy is drunk or stoned etc. Which is corresponding to explanation no.1. but he is not doing it purposely.
  3. Agreed. After 6500 mw games I can tell. Mw is more about people skills than heroes. My favourite game was playing predator with full inventory vs pearl who taught me that I'm nothing. Some dude kited me so smoothly that it was funny even for me. I've seen guys playing rhapsody like that too. Now there is many ways to win mw. Early towers push or crowd control parties or heal parties.. few days ago I've seen fast port party like behe midas magmus hag. Untouchable and snowballing. Mw is not about flint or tarot.
  4. Worst scenario which is ironically pretty common is something like 1900 1650 1500 1200 1400 vs 1700 1600 1600 1500 1500 Helborn will win because legion has 2 trolls. 1900 will be ok. -0.4. No bother too much... but.. What happens with innocent 1650? He is punished -5. There should be algorithm which decreases punishment points not only for 1900 but 1650 too if team has significant troll. I had to play with ppl like 1000 mmr 1100 or 1200. There should be some spread limit.
  5. Respawn time for T1 down is enough now. It's much more harder to come back after patch anyway. if you increase this penalty, attacking team will snowball after they get T1. Your point of view is point of winning side. We don't want T1wars but midwars. Some heroes have advantage on river so it's good for other heroes and strategy not to make game only about T1. Let teams feel they fight for more than T1. You don't want easy wins. Increasing penalty time will affect picking les variety heroes. Time is one factor but passive exp which is hold during death time is another hidden penalty. Even now
  6. Can you check Polly ulti vs T1 T2 or base?. Last game we were backdoored by his doubled ulti pretty well. I know it was nerfed for midwars for obvious reason few patches before but it seems doesn't work anymore.
  7. VaYha

    Spike Bola

    What counters Spike Bola? Null?
  8. Im not sure about valid ratio of experience gaining if team has 4 players than 5. Sometimes playing as 4 is better because levels incremental benefits more, even if score of both teams is equal. 4 players with 3 or 4 more levels take down 5 players team really easy. Now... when kick time is shorter it's even easier... exp incremental for 4 players seems punishment for 5 players team. Another question speaking of the devil... what happens with experience during death time penalty? If it's not rising... we got 2 punishments on losing T1 T2 team. Extended death penalty time and passive exp
  9. All ppl I play with were saying same thing... bridgewar was bad as hell. Port spam skills die, port die, port die. Ppl were not playing bridgewar. Player base shrunk after 2 weeks so badly that they revert old mw...
  10. Best games are when you fight for 40 min you have taken t2 but enemy is able to fight back. Comebacks are the best on midwar. You can't take only winner view on game. Balancing game to give opportunities for weaker team is better than boosting stronger team on river. Game will be flat when this will be only about t1 push. I can't support this change.
  11. What about target locked on dr? Jump still removes target locked on him?
  12. Dawnbringer is not buffed?
  13. 5 min cc on midwar is not so bad. After T1 fall probability of winning is decreased so there will be no point to play any longer. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. ElementUser thank You for responding. I would ask you about possibility of reverting midwar changes after patch experience. I really worry about that the game will be one sideded now. Taking any chances to paid off T1 or T2 losing team is cruel. Best midwar games are when you almost kill core but enemy team is able to push your team back... because T2 or core requires strategy and coordination. Extended cooldown punishment for losing team will allow to snowball winning T1 team. Why? Because midwar is not about kills like caldavar... it is more about team hp vs team hp. When I defend T2
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