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  1. Im not sure about valid ratio of experience gaining if team has 4 players than 5. Sometimes playing as 4 is better because levels incremental benefits more, even if score of both teams is equal. 4 players with 3 or 4 more levels take down 5 players team really easy. Now... when kick time is shorter it's even easier... exp incremental for 4 players seems punishment for 5 players team. Another question speaking of the devil... what happens with experience during death time penalty? If it's not rising... we got 2 punishments on losing T1 T2 team. Extended death penalty time and passive experience. This comes for me to conclusion that, for now, game is more intense because both teams want to take down T1 asap which is good but on the other side chance for comeback is lower which is bad...
  2. All ppl I play with were saying same thing... bridgewar was bad as hell. Port spam skills die, port die, port die. Ppl were not playing bridgewar. Player base shrunk after 2 weeks so badly that they revert old mw...
  3. Best games are when you fight for 40 min you have taken t2 but enemy is able to fight back. Comebacks are the best on midwar. You can't take only winner view on game. Balancing game to give opportunities for weaker team is better than boosting stronger team on river. Game will be flat when this will be only about t1 push. I can't support this change.
  4. What about target locked on dr? Jump still removes target locked on him?
  5. 5 min cc on midwar is not so bad. After T1 fall probability of winning is decreased so there will be no point to play any longer. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. ElementUser thank You for responding. I would ask you about possibility of reverting midwar changes after patch experience. I really worry about that the game will be one sideded now. Taking any chances to paid off T1 or T2 losing team is cruel. Best midwar games are when you almost kill core but enemy team is able to push your team back... because T2 or core requires strategy and coordination. Extended cooldown punishment for losing team will allow to snowball winning T1 team. Why? Because midwar is not about kills like caldavar... it is more about team hp vs team hp. When I defend T2 or core I can sacrifice myself if this will open window for my team to get more kills or lower enemy team hp more than my own. This is chance to push them back. After this patch chances will be significantly lower. There is more... you want to give extra gold for wining T1 T2 team? This is madness of madness. Snowball for snowball. So... is it possible to revert changes after we experience this patch if it affect game with less equilibrium? Is it possible to revert positions of barracks? Now attacking bareacks have no sense and even lower leveled team attacks core. Is it possible to check what was % of winings for teams which get T1 first before patch and compare this to winning % after patch? This ratio should clearly show if the change was good or bad. Off topic: Considering dr repulsor changes... After every dr repulsor's jump... will we lose target even if he jump really close to previous position? Losing locked target on him every time he jumps is frustrating. It doesn't work on any other hero like that.
  7. Midwar most important change: respawn time - exceptional bad idea. Why? - how much chances to win has team which loses T1 statisticly, before patch? 30%? Punishing this team is going to make 0%. Which is absurd. - This kind of approach benefits early powerful skills heroes... and is taking chances for auto attack late heroes. - Games will be about T1 than cc. After changing places for mele and range barracks nobody is trying to attack barracks. After that change never seen anyone who would go for mele barracks before core so more resist for barracks is bad idea, because nobody cares anymore. After patch nobody will even think about it... especially if core has lower self healing. Just hypothetical question. Cor's lower self healing and T1 T2 punishment for losing team... how about staffed madman... can he do it alone now? Seems very good synergy between this two bad changes for mw to find a way to exploit especially if this will not prevent situation when winning team will just not go forward... because this is in players attitude and if they want troll they will troll which will be more easy now.
  8. Creating skills that debuff themselves doesn't have any sense for me.
  9. But amplifying dmg is minor nerf. Most painful is auto debuff by Q - slow.
  10. I'm waiting for this patch so much. I would like to see mw changes (I hope mod will not be broken) , shadoblade changes (now is too nerfed) and some good changes to dawnbriner..... omg.... look guys they changed description of dawnbringer before patch? Cool changes https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/items/view/143
  11. I would like to see what stall is... for 6500 midwar games haven't notice anything that could be described like that. I like that midwar is not just stupid skillspam mod like devowars or bridgewar where we had loop: port spam skills die port spam skills die repeat. On midwar to get T2 team needs play together so there is small strategic factor for winning. There is also will/psychological factor. Frustration works on both sides and it should be calculated as part of game. Some games I won because I was trying to overcome and manage emotions in my team (I like this surprise and happiness when they figure out that chicken strategy works). On the other side... This is why sometimes I ask my team to do not push too early when we have advantage on river, so we will not empower enemy. What I understand... stall, as you mentioned is trolling game more than play... but it's not midwar problem. You can defeat enemy physically or psychologically but map has nothing to it because map itself is fine and there is no need to distract players by creep camps.
  12. Handle FoC? There is strange legitimacy of the claim that FoC players and FoC is some kind superior over midwar. From my perspective midwar should be main mode and it is future of moba. I play mw because only hon gives this kind of experience. What we have in caldavar? Toxicity, frustration... and caldavar as pvp game mode where a lot of mechanics are around players vs environment. This is most bizarre thing to me. How ppl can play multiplayer game and farm creeps. They race to kill more creeps.... and in most cases ppl go trying farm jungle, fail... and that's it. There is no more frustrating thing. Caldavar is about playing vs computer and occasionally vs players which is completely stupid for me.
  13. Removing midwar so ppl will return to caldavar? Best joke ever. Next patch is going to make some changes around STALL... but in my opinion there is no stall on mw. Destroying T1 depends on heroes abilities mostly... destroying T2 depends on strategy, players skills... it's something more than skill spam... and If someone experience stall it means that team is bad and ppl don't know how to push together and coordinate attacks. Good teams keep pressure all the time so stall is only mindset of players not issue of mw. Sometimes I even take advantage of difference between T1 and T2. When my team is loosing T1 because enemy has advantage on river (Devo, pris, whatever) I ask my team to give up T1 instantly and play chicken strategy because we can be more efficient in our jungle... and use best early bonus - quick respawn. In most cases it works pretty well... and overconfident enemy team is taking this bite. So there is no need to change map for stall, because on midwar it doesn't exist.
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